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Do you get a choice if using the public system?

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  • Do you get a choice if using the public system?

    I'm just wondering what I would do if the public hospital I wanted to have my baby at was not the closest hospital any longer?

    Would I need to go as a private patient instead of a public patient to get in to my preferred hospital?

    Its only a matter of 15 minutes in the car, but I know for sure from the experience of people local to me that this other hospital would be where I'd be sent if I didn't have any preference.

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    From what I've read you have to go the the hospital in your area, you can't go elsewhere unless your closet hospital can't support you for some reason ie, high risk.

    Here in Tas there isn't really much choice, there's the public or private, so hopefully a mainland person can help


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      I went to a hospital 15 minutes away. Just tell the gp where you want to go.


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        You can choose which ever hospital you want in your zone, as long as youre classed in the right category for them to take to you. Low risk-high risk etc.


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          I asked my GP to refer me to the hospital near my work, which he did. When I phoned them (when I didn't hear back forever), they told me because I lived closer to the other major maternity hospital I had to go there. I don't know, seems to vary a bit from place to place (and maybe depends on how busy the hospitals are).
          My SIL moved while pregnant and tried to book into the nearest hospital, they told her they were full (?) and she would have to go to the hospital she had previously booked into (more than 100km away). Anyway in the end they took her.


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            Depends where your zoned? I had 2 in my zone and I got to choose.


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              We are living in an outer suburb so I highly doubt that the hospital I want would be in the zone.

              You would think that private care would entitle you to some choice. But I guess if we wanted to go public we could just use my parents address?! (They're very close to this hospital) It seems a little sneaky, but I had a difficult time & I really want to go back to the hospital where we had our first baby!


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                The Hospital I was zoned in in my first two births were both a lot further than 15 mins away, I guess it just depends on the catchment areas and how far they're willing to bend. I have had friends put down their parents or sisters address to get their preferred Hospital and that's always worked.


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                  I had this problem when I was booking into the hospital too. I didnt want to go to my local hospital, therefore I either had to book in as a private patient with my OB or change my address to my parents address (which was in the local area for the hospital I did want to go to). I ended up going through the public system as a public patient and so I opted to change the address on my drivers lic to my parents.. that was all I had to do to be accepted at the hospital I wanted. Hope this helps


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                    We were supposed to be moving before DS was born and got to go to the hospital closest to the new house.

                    We ended up not moving in time so we were 30mins from the hospital.


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                      I had this problem.

                      I wanted to go to a maternity hospital which is about 25 minutes away. There is a general hospital with a maternity ward about 10 minutes from me which I've only had bad experiences with (sent my DD away with a broken foot saying it was 'normal', ended up on crutches for a month after the GP sent us to another hosp.. Sending DS away with a broken knee cap, I knew it wasn't right and took him to another hospital, he was in a brace for 6 weeks, sending my cousins DD away when she was having heart palpitations THREE times, knowing there is a family history of SVT..she went to the RCH and spent a week in there and has had 3 heart surgeries! You can see why I wouldn't birth there!)

                      Maternity hospital wouldn't take me because I wasn't in their zone.
                      I even went there with a letter from the GP as I had a threatened miscarriage and they wanted me to see their early pregnancy clinic, but still would not admit me there for general care and birth.

                      I ended up in a private hospital just so I wouldn't have to go my zoned hospital!

                      Having said that though, I have heard heaps of people say they got to choose their hospital regardless of zone.. so it couldn't hurt to try!