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Public or private in Newcastle area with BUPA

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  • Public or private in Newcastle area with BUPA

    I am having so much trouble finding information from hospitals or my private health insurace (BUPA) to help me decide whether I should go public or private and if so what/who/where? I live out of Newcastle but prob want to go there for birth as Im from a small town.

    So does anyone have any reccomendations/advice/ really good or bad stories to help me decide a public hospital or a private ob/hospital or if their BUPA cover did or did not cover them well for antnatal care and delivery?

    Sorry I know this is a lot of questions but my research that is leading me no where is making me so frustrated I want to hit my computer (irrational I know, hoping this is a preg symptom as Im in tww)

    So I thought...I'll ask here. bubhub Mums always have the answers or at least comforting words.

    ps. I put up my hospital cover to standard a few yrs ago in prep for a baby so I feel obliged to use it since all those fees Ive paid and not used. But now I have read lots of things saying private is a waste of money and not worth it? thoughts?Thanks so much in advance for any help
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    i had DD2 at JHH and would do it again.
    after her birth i transferred to maitland private for post natal stay so i had the perks of a private hospital then.


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      i had my son at newcastle private and it was great. my ob was lovely.
      much better experience than I've had in the public system.

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        Turns out being overly frustrated at the computer (and my husband and all sorts of things) was a pregnancy symptom! Got my yesterday!
        So surreal I dont know what to do with myself
        guess I have to start actualy making these decisions now! Ah! Oh my gosh! Wow! Couldn't be happier (and a little scared).