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34 wks and a little bleed...

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  • 34 wks and a little bleed...

    I am 34 weeks today and just after going to the toilet wiped and there was a little blood! I did have this earlier in my preg and was told nothing to worry about. I am sure this is still the case however if it continues do you think i should go to hosp? No clots or anything just a little bit of pink blood and only on wiping. I am one hour away from any hospital or doctors. I have an appt with my Ob on Tuesday afternoon. I hate not knowing what to do!!!

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    I had some bleeding with my last pregnancy. I called my major maternity hospital and they told me only to worry if it was more than a tablespoon, a teaspoons normal (which was a bit of a shock to me, I had had no bleeding during my first 2 pregnancies). If your worried maybe give your hospy a call and ask to speak to someoneinthe fetal assessment unit.

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      Personally I would wait, but if it continues I would call the ob to get recommendations. My last preg this happened at 32wks, I panicked and spent all day in hospital - cause was never found, wish I had of waited (i could feel bub moving so knew she was ok). Good luck.

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