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U/S in the 3rd trimester

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  • U/S in the 3rd trimester


    I'm now in the 3rd trimester (week 28). I asked my midwife if I should have another U/S, but she told me firmly that she will not prescribe an U/S unless it is really necessary. I always thought that an U/S in the 3rd trimester is normal.

    Well, I would still like to have one, as I want to confirm the gender of the baby. Maybe it's a little bit selfish, but if I knew that it would have a negative effect on the baby, I would never do it. But if it's ok for the baby, why can't I have another U/S?

    Can I maybe get a prescription from my GP?

    Please let me know what you think about it? I won't get offended, if you think, I shouldn't have another U/S.. Promise.

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    I have heard that 12 weeks and 18-20 weeks is all that is deemed necessary. I had an early one with DD because I was unsure of dates, but 3rd trimester ones are only if there is a possible problem...

    Your GP probably would give you a referral, but you might not get anything back from medicare because its not a medically required ultrasound.

    TBH, even if you have another ultrasound, they might not be able to confirm the gender as thee baby has a lot less room to stretch out and show the world. Even if you can see, it can be wrong, I had a friend have 4 ultrasounds from week 20 to birth and she was told the whole time it was a girl, she now has a 13 month old son...


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      I second the pps idea of a 3D one if you don't mind spending the money. We had one a couple of weeks ago and it was so worth it!


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        How much are the 3D ultrasounds? And where can I get one done? Are they safe?


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          I am 28 weeks and my OB Gave me a referral for a scan at 34-36 weeks just to check the general wellbeing of baby. She said it's something new she is doing as I didn't have it with my first, 2 years ago. I am looking forward to it!


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            pubic system doesnt like giving them if they dont have to. if you do get one you can choose where you have it, all you need is the referral. Such a shame they dont give one to see how bubs is going but it is hard to determine what you are looking at in the 3rd trimester anyway becos they are usually a bit squashed up in there.

            Good luck


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              I have booked in for a 3d scan at 29 weeks coz my Ob sed I shouldn't need another u/s unless it's to check the position of my baby. I was dissapointed too but we will c

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                I'm sure your GP would refer you but as someone else said, Medicare probably wouldn't cover it

                I'm lucky with my Ob, she does an ultrasound at every visit. It's not as clear as the big fancy ones, but it's still nice to see what's going on.


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                  Its normal to have a scan at 13 and 19 weeks, but after that you're on your own. The Dr's will request sizing or wellbeing scans for high risk patients, but if its a normal pregnancy there's really no need for them.

                  If you're in Brisbane there is a place in Logan which will do 3D/4D scans for a reasonable price, for the sole purpose of gender determination. I'm sure if you're not in Brisbane then there'd be other places in your state that would offer a similar deal.


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                    as others have already mentioned the only 2 that are usually offered are the nuchal translucency(12week) scan and the morphology(20week) scan.
                    times on those scan can vary though not always exactly 12 and 20.
                    it depends how your pregnancy is progressing as to whether or not you will have more scans.

                    with ds i had 2 extra scans for growth as at first i had something show up on my morph scan which can result in the baby to stop/slow growing but then after that(the problem resolved itself) i had diabetes and they wanted to check he wasnt getting too big so had another one done.

                    with this one i have only just had my morph scan done and if they have found anything they will let me know at my antenatal appt on friday i am sure then they may book me in for more scans if anything needs checking.
                    regardless of needing another scan or not we will be getting a 3d scan done around 28weeks or so.