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Early Pregnancy symtoms after an early miscarriage

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  • Early Pregnancy symtoms after an early miscarriage

    my periods in feb never came, did a few of the home preg test n came negative, then did the blood test n also negative, on the 9th of may i went doctors and just as that day my 'periods' had come i got checked and found out i had had a miscarriage and wel was given this medication for it and everything was fine, bleedin stopd and my brests stop hurting ... but now from about 1-2weeks my brests have started to hurt and feel heavy and swallen again ...i have gone doctors and done the beta-hcg test and said 'not pregnant' ...but im scared i wil have another miscarriage or could i stil be havin symptoms from before? or its prob stil too early to detect im pregnant?
    thank u and hope to get a reply from u!

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      I always got very similar symptoms in early pregnancy and with PMS.

      I'm not quite clear from your post when your last period was or how long you've had symptoms, but do you think it's possible you're just early in your pregnancy and so the tests are still negative? When did you have the blood test? Have you done a urine test recently?

      I haven't had a miscarriage before, but I do imagine that hormones could get all messed up for a month or two, so PMS symptoms could be an issue. Did you get sore breasts as part of PMS previously at all?


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        You could well be pregnant and it is just to soon to show on a test.

        I had a miscarriage earlier on this year and then fell pregnant 2 weeks later. I started getting symptoms ( nausea) about a week before I got a positive test.

        Have you tried the First Response tests- they are good at picking things up early.

        I am now 12 weeks pregnant as so far so good There is no reason to think that as you have had a miscarriage once, it will happen again


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          MIM1 - my last periods were on mid-january! and iv been havin this symptoms for about 2-3weeks ... i had the beta-hgc test bout a week ago and no havent had any urine test after that! u culd be right could be that im in very early pregnancy and that's why tests showin negative. and no neva got sore breast as part of pms!

          ClassyChick - wow! finally found some1 who relates to me ... how far along wen u had the miscarriage? yea people told me it was likely i could fall pregnant 2 weeks after the miscarriage so i gave it a go and tried but now im just confused with al this symptoms and the negative results! ...first response test? hmmm not too sure what that is !! ...about a week ago i got the beta-hcg test done but nothing!


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            Hi, I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks in early January this year. I fell pregnant again 2-3 weeks later and so far so good. I am almost 12 weeks now.

            Goodluck with it! It is certainly a stressful time.


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              Just another thought... if you get a positive test try the new Clear Blue pregnancy test with conception indicator. They are about $20 but not only give you the positive result but also give a date of conception. The little screen will show 1-2 weeks, 2-3 weeks or 3+ weeks. I found it was very accurate as I had no period to use for dating (due to having a miscarriage). When I finally had a dating scan at 6 weeks the date the test gave me was correct almost to the day.

              Maybe just use a cheaper test until you get the positive one then get the Clear Blue test. They are in pharmacies and advertised on TV.

              All the best.


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                Cleo77 - thanx so much for the comment, i sure hope i have the same luck as you! what were ur early symptoms?and around when did they start? im just a little concerned at the moment as last nite i was havin period-like pain, little diarrhea, and felt very nauseous, and stil feelling quiet nauseus but not sure if its a stomach bug or could be preg symtoms ... any ideaa?


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                  Hi I just thought I'd pop in and say that I too am another one that fell pregnant again 2 weeks after a chem pregnancy so it can happen. My little boy is now 3 weeks old
                  Good luck I hope you see that BFP soon xxoo


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                    Period like pain can occur in early pregnancy too.

                    First response is a brand of pregnancy test you can buy from the supermarket. It's best done first thing in the morning when your urine is concentrated. But you could always buy two and test during the day today and again first thing tomorrow. The second line does not come up instantly you need to wait a few minutes to see if it's there or not.

                    All the best!


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                      ohhh all this symtoms have me going crazy!
                      two nights ago i was up all night with diarreah and nausea ...than all day yesterday i had nausea and got triggered by any smell of food so didnt get to eat anything! today woke up with by boobs not being sore AT ALL, though nipples are stil sensitive and aerolas big n dark. Also yesterday i had period-like pain and today woke up with a mild pain on the lower left side of my abdomen!
                      I should be going doctors today as im getting too worried and concerned about all this things happening.
                      Just in case, anyone have any ideas of what could be goin on with me?or anyone been through something similar?


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                        Hi, I think I had slight cramping like period pain. I didn't really suspect I was pregnant but had been watching my alcohol and caffeine intake when my sister came to visit. I knew she would want to have quite a few wines so I did a test just to double check I wasn't pregnant so I could drink with her...and got a positive result! I was a bit shocked I had fallen pregnant so quickly again. At that time I was 4 weeks pregnant. I was experiencing the frequent urination though at this point.

                        Hope it all goes to plan for you.


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                          woohoo!! im 6 weeks pregnant !! =) so excited !!!!
                          thanx everyone for the advises and tips !!


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