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    Hi, I am due in June and want to meet some mums due in 2011 on the gold coast. I have had 2 boys at the GCH but many years ago and they were really good. Unfortunately I have had one appt so far this time but did not like the ob at all!


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      do not birth at tweed!

      i would never have another baby at tweed hospital. my birth was horrible the after care was horrible and to establish breastfeeding was just a joke. nsw government really has to do something about the health system! more staff are desperatly needed!


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        Hi guys I'm having#2 at gch at the start of june. I live at ormeau, decided on the coast as I did a tour of both and was going to be dying before i go to logan. I had my first at redlands and they were fabulous but couldn't accept me this time. Id be interested to hear your birth stories about the coast too because I've only found older threads. But have had friends who said gch was great.

        I'm worried about the traffic and parking there but we'll have to see.

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          Hi Chookylaa,
          i had my first at Gold Coast and my second at Redlands. I liked the GC, but I loved Redlands. They also told me they won't be able to have me back again, but when the time comes I will fight for it.
          My only real problem with GC is that I had an interfering dr who made my birth experience bad and I ended up with a Caesar. I also had three hour waits for my antenatal appointments. Had to pay for parking that was a good ten minute walk from the hospital. Enjoyed antenatal classes though.


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            My birth story at GC is in birth stories "successful VBAC of princess katelyn" (sorry can't link on my iPhone)

            It was good, all the appointments were good, the wait sometimes really long but the play area for toddlers/small kids was good for my 3 year old, even after an hour and a half if he had a play mate he'd pout when we had to go.

            The only negative feedback was the hospital wanted the MW to break my waters without a medical reason purely because they were out of beds. Sucks to be someone else transferred to tweed or Logan, but that's not my fault or responsibility when I got there first. I should never have been pressured to labour faster or have an unnecessary procedure - that does come with some risk - because the hospital was short of bed or staff.

            Then again she was born at 1:28am. I got to the maternity ward at like 4-5am and at 7am they wanted to talk about discharging me at 9. Again - taking up a bed. Well SORRY I tore 3 ways, I'm not ready to go home yet.

            I happily left first thing the next morning.


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              I'm going GC too. 22 weeks, the OBs I've met are nice. One midwife I've met so far isn't, telling me to diet and loose X amount of weight but everyone else I've met disagree with her.
              The appointments take ages, and they're flat out and unorganized. I think their antenatal clinic is crap, too cramped in the back of a level! They mixed up an appointment with me today so I have to go back in 2weeks.

              Tweed is too far for me and the birthing centre is out so im stuck with them. My major disappointment is that there's no water births. It's my first but I think that would be the best thing for me.

              Only plus side is that they apparently have the best surgeons and speciality doctors SO if anything happens with me or bubs they are the best. So I'm just happy with that.


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                Actually yeah my very first appointment at GC i was weighed, asked my height & then the MW whipped out a pamphlet on being overweight and pregnant. Umm Kay, thanks.

                Never mind I'm very fit and active. But the scale doesn't lie.


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                  Hi ladies
                  I had my first son at gc in feb 2011 fantastic experience other then being really busy
                  Due to have 2nd bub in 6 weeks going back to gc

                  Good luck


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                    I just had my booking in apt this week (due mid-late sept) and the mid wife was lovely. I'm already booked for antenatal classes in July. Would love any other recent feedback.


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                      I've had two excellent scheduled csections at GCH. 2010 and 2011.

                      My antenatal care was all over the place, I even had an ultrasound lying on the floor due to a lack of facilities. The staff were great, just obviously understaffed and underresourced.

                      My post natal care with DS was fine, until they asked me to discharge the next day after my csection. I felt pressured and did. I was fine, but felt I needed another night at least. With my second they tried the same thing and I refused. I had a legal right to 3 days and took them, it was lovely to have alone time to bond with DD and recover in a hospital bed with a hoist.

                      I'm not having anymore until the new hospital is done.


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                        I had both mine at GCH. The doctors and midwives who I saw when I was admitted for various things and then when I had the babies were excellent, I couldn't say enough good things about them - except one doctor who had ZERO bed side manner and was a complete jerk but I told everyone I came in contact with about him and I never saw him again.

                        The nurses on the ward were lovely. With my first they taught me all I needed to know and with my second they generally left me alone because I was doing fine on my own. I shipped out early with my second which I was happy about. They did recommend a breastfeeding class which I skipped, but they never gave me trouble.

                        The only downside was the ANC. Definitely not up to any standard and its a bunch of hormonal pregnant women all waiting for sometimes hours. I was lucky with my second to have a few appointments over at Robina, which was just lovely. I haven't been to the GCH yet but I'm told they've changed some things regarding ANC. We'll see, I only just did my referral.

                        But I've never had a real problem - besides that jerk doctor - and all my friends had their babies there so did my sister and SIL and not a problem.


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                          Thanks ladies! I'm doing GP shared care so will only be going to hospital for blood at 35 weeks, then a check up at 36 then to deliver, do sounds like I'm avoiding a lot of the frustrations.

                          I am terrified of babies and this is my first so it sounds like if they want to kick me out hubby and i need to be insistent on staying. I will need all the help and guidance I can get in the first two days!!!


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                            I think at one of your ANC appointments they'll ask about if you want early discharge or not. You can say no and then generally they seem to check you on your first day, see how your going and depending on how your birth went. I stayed in for three nights with my first and just one night with my second. It can also depend on the time you give birth, and you might find yourself coping better than you thought. But yes if you feel the need to stay longer talk to them, express your worries. Good luck.


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                              Everyone I know who has birthed there has been pressured. You can refuse and say you're not comfortable. I'd never changed a nappy before I had DS and had had major abdominal surgery and they still pressured me to go home (and won).

                              I wish I'd stuck up for myself.

                              I guess it depends how busy they are too.


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                                I've heard negative stories too where the new mummy wasn't supported. And I don't think it matters if the mother is shy or afraid to speak up, regardless the midwives should be asking and making sure mum is okay and if any help is needed.

                                That's why threads like this are good I think, because if you're headed to that hospital you can see, 'oh okay, I might need to really speak up'.

                                I'm sorry to hear you were pressure out, Blissed Out. That's not right, especially on your first and ESPECIALLY after surgery.