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    I just want to get some opinions on the Gold Coast Hospital (not the birth centre unfortunately ) for anyone that has had a baby there. I've been through older threads and google searched etc but most of the threads are a few years old.

    If you had your bub there what was your experience like? Did you go to the ante-natal classes they have? I am booked in to go to the full-day class tomorrow and don't know what to expect.

    I'm 31 weeks so I don't really have much choice of anywhere else (I don't think?). I've only had one midwife appointment there so I haven't exactly dealt with them and then one OB app (which I waited 2 hrs for a 10 min app lol).

    And then I read so much good stuff about the Tweed hospital and think aww I wish I had've picked there (I just assumed I had to go to GCH).

    Please tell me your experience good or bad!

    ALSO - I am having my next Midwife app at the hospital at 36 weeks in April, do I see the midwife after this as well? I read it's every week from then until delivery but is that midwife or Dr? I've been seeing my Dr for all my check-ups (except my 1 midwife app at 22 wks).

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    Hi, I birthed my second DD at the GC hospital. Sucessful VBAC too!
    I was lucky though, one of my closest friends is a midwife there and was working the night I went into labour.
    The ward I ended up in wasn't that great. Just some very um interesting characters! But I needed help with breastfeeding so I insisted on staying.
    This time though if I'm not comfortable in the ward, I'll go home and call on the private LC I ended up using last time because I found the ones at the hospital too busy to give me the attention I really wanted. Nothing was going to stop me feeding last time so I really wanted that one on one help which they just werent able to give for very long.
    My experience wasn't bad by any means but I did find it all very impersonal on the ward.
    This time though I don't think that will bother me because I won't have the pressure I had on myself to succeed like last time, ie VBAC and Breastfeeding.
    Good luck.


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      Hi kassmeow, I am having my bb at Goldcoast hospital in April. Week35 now so a little bit ahead of u.. Will let u know then.

      By now, u would hv attended the antenatal class and I believe u have some of your questions answered already.

      The birthing room looks pretty good eh?

      If u r low risk, then u will c midwife for 36 weeks, that's when u discuss the birth plan and stuff. I am seeing midwife next week for my week36 appointment!

      U said u hv been seeing your dr? Is that a gp or is that the dr at the hospital?

      U dun need to c the dr at gch unless u hv gastation diebeties or if u r high risk, requiring caesarean..


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        Where do you live?

        Why can't you go to tweed?
        Ring the maternity ward there & tell them your story.

        I LOVE tweed.
        I had my son there (he 18 months)
        & I'm having my 2nd there (I'm 21 weeks)

        I would ring & ask wouldn't Hurt.


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          somanygirls - Thanks for your experience I can imagine in most large hospitals it could be a bit impersonal. I hate hospitals in general and never feel good about going to them. I get upset easily (even not pregnant) so I can imagine any mean MW or staff are going to make me break down crying lol. I'm glad your experience wasn't bad as such though. How much is a private LC?

          del79 - Awesome, I would love to know how it goes for you! I didn't actually attend the antenatal class on the weekend… we'll I went there and apparently we were sent out a letter re-scheduling for another day (a letter which I never got ) so that was a big waste of time, and apparently the re-scheduled day is a Tuesday and I work full-time so I might not be making it at all unless they change it back to a Sat. Oh good, I'm glad the 36 week appointment discusses the birth plan and all that (not that I've written it yet lol)… I wasn't sure how much they cover. Let me know how your app goes! And sorry by Dr I meant GP

          Soonmumof2 - Hey I love in Upper Coomera so about a 30-40 drive on a normal day from Tweed. I talked to my DP about it and he was worried about if I went there and we had to go to the hospital in peak traffic. That would be the only real issue I'd say. One of my sisters had her son there and said it was really good, my other sister had her 4 boys at GCH and doesn't have many complains (but then again we are fairly different so things that wouldn't bother her would probably bother me). But you're might, I might give them a call and just see


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            Yeah that be hard.

            Call the maternity ward, they are really nice & will help you choose.

            Good luck with bubba!


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              Hey kassmeow,
              I was wondering actually that the antenatal class shouldn't b on that sat that u were supposed to go actually... Because I was there in the same room where there conduct the antenatal class for the breastfeeding class that same sat...

              U should definitely go for the antenatal. I attended it two weeks ago.. It was great and there was a tour of the delivery room and the ward. If this is your first child, definitely Ty to go for it. I found it helpful because I dint receive any info from the gp about birth and stuff prior to the antenatal class. Moreover,, it's the midwives at gch who will b delivering my baby, it was good for me to see them and find out their thoughts on pain reliefs and some of their policies.

              V reassuring and I definitely felt more informed....


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                Kassmeow, I live in upper coomera too. Will definitely not drive all the way to tweed!
                If it so happen that tweed hasn't got enough delivery wards on the day u turned up, They will send u back to gch by ambulance..

                The other nearer hospital is logan and I heard that's the worst anyway.. Gch lOoks pretty alright to me after the tour of the ward I had.. U could call the hospital for a tour, I believe.. And in ur next appointment, just ask the midwives all the questions.. ( if u r skipping the antenatal class)


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                  Hey del79 - the class I'm actually going to is a birth and parenting class (I didn't know what to call it lol)...
                  On the letter I have it says it includes:
                  When to come to hospital
                  Strategies for labour and birth
                  Dealing with pain, unexpected events of labour
                  How husband/partner can help
                  Tour of GCH delivery suit and postnatal ward
                  Feeding and helping baby sleep in early weeks
                  Recognising your baby's communication
                  Dealing with changes in family relationships
                  Resources in the community to help you

                  So yeah it covers a bit of stuff. What do the ante-natal classes cover? This one is also run by the midwives. And I'm the same as you my GP has told me nothing. If it wasn't for the internet I wouldn't have found out all the info I have (even though I know lots of ppl with babies). The lady that organises these classes called me up yesterday and re-booked me for this Saturday so I'll definitely be going again and I know it won't be cancelled this time!!

                  And good to hear about the Tweed hospital.. I guess it would be a bit silly to go so far, I mean I have no idea how I'm going to cope so I think GCH is the way to go!

                  Also when you went to the ante-natal classes did they say how you can give birth? Like you are allowed to be upright and move around and all that aren't you? I've read too much helpful things about being active and then birthing upright or on all fours to be confined to a bed


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                    Hi kassmeow, the birth and parenting is the same one I attended. During the class, u can sign up for breathing and breastfeeding too. Sat class combines 3 sessions into a single day.

                    Yah they will tell u that active birth is better and u should move around. When u go for the ward visit, u will c that they have gym ball and chair for u to use during the birth.

                    They might demo baby's first bath with a live baby. They did durin my class.

                    There is a first time for everything.. I am counting down to the actual edd when I finally get to experience all these birthing process and see my baby.

                    Do u go to gp in upper coomera? Which one? Gp around here sucks! I switched a few and finally settled on one for my antenatal care..


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                      Oh cool that's good to know about signing up for more classes on the day. Are you attending anymore classes? The breastfeeding and breathing both sound good. I'm willing to do as much as possible to get through this as easily as possible lol.

                      I'm glad to hear they advocate active births I'm sure they'll put my worries to ease once I go on Saturday. I can't wait... I'm so excited by all the new information I find out.

                      What is your EDD? Do you know if you're having a boy or a girl or is it a surprise? I'm May 18th with a boy (couldn't wait to find out lol). It's all moving so fast.. Can't believe I only have 6 weeks left of work!! And yes there is definitely a first for everything... there is sooo much we will learn 'on the job' as such that no one could really prepare us for!

                      Yep I go to a GP in Upper Coomera, I think it's called Upper Coomera Medical Centre and it's near the coles and St Stephens. My gp is nice and all, but yeah like I said I wouldn't know anything if I didn't find it out myself! And I never get measured he only ever feels my stomach which I thought was weird.


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                        Oh! I used to go there, next to amcal... That medical centre sucks.. Unless if u get to c the female gp ( she's an ob) . Always fully booked so I hv never seen her myself..

                        I hv seen all the doctors there and dun think any of them are good at all..I didn't go back after week 20 for my antenatal... Those men there hv no idea about gynae or ob stuff and seem to dismiss any concerns I had.. I m .going to Brygon medical now..

                        U should get urine test, blood pressure, weight check, baby's heart beat and they measure your tummy to check for growth. Pressing at the pelvic area to see if baby's head down..

                        That gp at upper coomera told me he doesn't need to check my urine until later on when I was about week 18. I rather they check more, then to waste my time to go for antenatal, just to clock Medicare $ during each visit! So I switched..


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                          Oh, my edd is 22 April. 4 more breathing class is only on 13 April. The classes r popular so earlier ones were fully booked by the time I went for antenatal.

                          Boy I am having!

                          I just bought a tens machine for pain relief.. They will tell u during the class but if u r interested, better get one now, given that ur edd is nearing.. U need to get it 3 weeks before edd in case bb comes early..


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                            I live in upper Coomera and I had my Bub at john flynn at tugun, so almost to tweed. I went into labour at 5pm on a weekday and we were there in 35minutes. It wasn't that bad a drive, and it was something I had been concerned about but it was no problem really.


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                              Originally posted by Tygress View Post
                              I live in upper Coomera and I had my Bub at john flynn at tugun, so almost to tweed. I went into labour at 5pm on a weekday and we were there in 35minutes. It wasn't that bad a drive, and it
                              was something I had been concerned
                              about but it was no problem really.
                              Is John Flynn private??