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Advice please - Any fantastic stretch mark removal creams!?

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  • Advice please - Any fantastic stretch mark removal creams!?

    Anyone come across great stretch mark creams? hopefully not too pricey somewhere in the middle tho! ...or any advice on maybe beauty salon treatments etc maybe??
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    I've only ever read people say that they don't work...but I use cocoa butter in the mornings, and bio-oil every night...I haven't gotten any stretch marks yet. Of course, it's also genetic and I've heard of people using all kinds of things and not being able to prevent them. As far as something removing them...the bio-oil is working magic on a scar I have from a dog bite, so I wonder how well it would work on stretch marks. Of course, it says you need to use it for 3 months before noticing anything and I've been using it for a little over 2. When people have started these threads before, the general conclusion is that there is no way to really prevent them or get rid of them (they do fade on their own).


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      Bio-Oil is really good, but you need to be commited with applying it


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        Are you wanting to remove existing stretchmarks? If so, I don't think that's possible. I think most creams etc are used for trying to avoid them in the first place.

        I'm using Burts Bees Mama Bee Belly Balm.... stretchmarks are well and truly in my family though, so I'm not expecting that any treatment will avoid them altogether.


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          I have heaps of stretch marks I mean HEAPS...

          I have just been using sorbolene (spelling) I tried coco butter, bio oil.. I was ill with a thyroid problem and went from 100kgs to 55 in about 7 weeks so my skins really saggy/stretched and stretchmarked!

          Give it time, they fade!