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6 weeks pregnant severe depression and anxiety please help me please

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  • 6 weeks pregnant severe depression and anxiety please help me please

    Ok a bit of a short story here, I have had mild depression on and off for years. But not to bad, after my 2 year old was born I got post natal depression came off meds and was going amazing....
    Now I'm 6 weeks pregnant and having bad thoughts I'm a glorafied nutta, has any one experiences SEVERE depression during pregnancy to the point you think your partner thinks ur fat and ugly and only wants you coz u have a 2 year old please help

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    I have not been in your situation, but have suffered with pnd and gen depression.
    I think it best for you to visit your Dr and explain exactly what you've been feeling.
    There are alternatives, i understand, when you're pregnant - and if required, safer ad's if required.

    Please, look after yourself and get some assistance.


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      I agree with melandstan. Please see your doctor. And talk to your partner if you haven't already. He may be able to reassure you. Good luck. Hope you feel better soon.


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        I don't have any advise cause I'm still getting over mine...but I had pnd and severe anxiety in my last pregnancy. I just wanted to let you know your not alone and give you some
        U should ask ur gp for a mental health plan


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          Please talk to your doctor, I had severe anxiety with this pregnancy up until 12 weeks, heaps of issues with MIL and also mc two weeks prior to conceiving this little one.
          I was offered huge support by my ob and was sent to a clinic that dealt with primarly pnd, have you looked at PANDA it's a counceling service for women who are preggers or pnd.
          Your not alone there are people out there to help.
          Best of luck xxoo


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            Oh hun, I just wanted to give you a HUGE hug and send lots of good thoughts to you.

            I can't help specifically but just wanted to reach out and send you support xoxo


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              Myleysmummy - I know how you feel. I had severe depression as a teenager and then after DD1 ended up anorexic and depressed. The hormones in pregnancy can upset all the mental health hormones thats why you're more prone to it in pregnancy and post-natal.
              Talk to your Dr because there are some medications you can take that are safe in pregnancy or if you dont want to go down that route, if you have a friend/relative you can talk to on a regular basis to lessen the load.

              Good luck.


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                Thank you every one, so much for your reply. Went to doc today and was informed iwill have good days and bad so once again thank you