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can a UTI cause miscarriage?

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  • can a UTI cause miscarriage?

    ok so ive already asked my gp who said no , but honestly a lot of the time u guys are more expert than..well experts lol

    so my nephew was recently born13 weeks prem and they have no idea why really but there was speculation about a UTI.

    so that got me to thinking if a uti can cause premature birth can it cause m/c? ive googled a bit and cant seem to get any real answers.

    ive had 2 m/c in the past yr and both times had a uti. i also had a lot of uti's with my last child too.

    so im still ttc, and im pretty sure i have a uti now. which gives me hope that i might be actually preggas.

    anyway both my m/c have been early ones at 6 and 7 weeks and im wondering could the uti's have contributed?

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    I have heard (on BH) that a UTI can be the cause of a miscarriage. Have you thought about asking the opinoin of another doctor or an obgyn?


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      I really don't know, but if I had to guess I'd say no.

      A UTI causes prem births because it can irritate the uterus and cause it to contract and initiate early labour.

      I don't think the uterus contracting in this way would expel a baby in the frst trimester.

      Otherwise, they would also advise against things like sex, nipple stimulation, laxatives etc which are usually the things that will also stimulate the uterus and can help initiate labour in the third trimester.


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        yeah i will ask another dr, i guess

        could it cause the embryo to not implant on the uterine wall? thats what happens right? cause im wondering if mine just never implanted? and if uti's could be why?


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          Only if it spreads to your kidneys, I had them during pregnancy with DD2, was on medication twice for them. You do have to keep an eye on them


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            it can cause premature labour.. i think


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              how would u you know if it ha spread to your kidneys? pain im guessing?

              trouble is sometimes ive had them and i dont even know? no pain or anything and the dr just rings me and tells me i do?


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                i have had uti's that i have not felt any pain with, and then it has moved to the kidneys. trust me you would know. it hurt! other uti's have been way more painful.

                i dont think they cause miscarriage. i had a mild uti the whole time i was pregnant with my first. i was on a low antibiotic the whole time and he was fine.


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                  It can be quite serious if it spreads to your kidneys, it's an infection so it spreads if it's untreated. You'd get abdominal pain, still get frequent and painful urination, fever etc..


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                    A UTI could cause M/C if it spread to your uterus through your vagina, because it could become chorioamnionitis. Chorioamnionitis is often thought to be the cause of miscarriage and premature birth, which is essentially the same thing, the only difference is the gestation of the baby. (I don't mean that to sound insenstitive, please let me know if that comes across wrong).

                    Any infection in that region needs to be promptly treated in pregnancy. Actually any time for that matter, but especially in pregnancy.

                    I hope that helps.
                    Big hugs for what you and your sister have already been through.


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                      I am not sure. I too had a bladder infection in the early weeks of pregnancy and was on antibiotics.


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                        I had a threatened miscarriage early on (at 6 wks) and the Ob put it down to a UTI. He said that it depends on the type of bacteria that has caused the infection when I questioned him about UTI's being that dangerous (I'm kinda prone to them). In my case it was a particularly nasty bacteria, and had spread to my cervix. In the process of my body trying to fight off the bacteria it 'attacked' (for lack of a better word) the embryo.

                        So from my experience it can happen, but it's not common. It was an unlucky set of circumstances, and even then, I didn't actually lose baby (23 weeks and counting - yays!)

                        Wishing you all the very very best!! xxoo