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grieving loss of cat, 26 weeks pregnant and feeling depressed

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  • grieving loss of cat, 26 weeks pregnant and feeling depressed

    My sweet cat was run over this week by a car and we had to have him put down as both his back legs were shattered beyond repair, he was only 18 months old and was the sweetest natured cat. I had never had pets before and have found the amount of grief quite unexpected, my hubby was very upset too but he seems to be moving on more quickly than me. Has anyone else dealt with loss of a pet whilst pregnant and did you find it more difficult to deal with the grief because of the extra hormones ?? I feel so sad, dont feel like doing anything and keep crying...and I really dont want it to get any worse. We have a younger cat who now demands a lot of attention because he used to follow his big brother around everywhere and I am finding that hard too.

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    I lost my beloved cat when I was pregnant with DS1 and I was a mess for at least a week too Pets are as much a part of the family as people are. I think the extra hormones may make it a little harder to deal with but it is very upsetting regardless.

    I'm so sorry for your loss and RIP kitty


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      I wasn't pregnant, but...

      I lost my dear little dog - 8 yrs old - to cancer when my DS was 3 weeks old. We had only found out she was ill just days after we got home from hospital. I was devastated for... well... months to be honest. I really struggled as what was one of the happiest times of my life was now also one of the saddest. It was very hard dealing with such conflicting feelings. I would feel guilty for being so sad when I had just had a beautiful baby, and I would feel guilty for feeling happy when my little best furry friend was dying. So, though I wasn't pregnant, I did still have a lot of hormones floating about, and was also dealing with joy and sadness at the same time. I couldn't comprehend how the universe was giving me something so precious and taking something so precious from me at the same time.

      Huge hugs to you. It's amazing how important our furry friends can be to us.


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        I havn't had your experience, but couldn't read without giving you some

        RIP to your kitty xx


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          I'm sorry for your loss


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            When I was pregnant with my first child my cat of 8 years was run over. I was standing there as it happened I was in the garden cutting the dead flowers off and looked over as she run across the road. I flew into a rage and went to attack the poor man who had done it with scissors but with 3 people holding me back luckily I didn't get anywhere near him. I fell into a depression for nearly 2 years. I got another cat and it fell pregnant which begun a cycle of obsession for me I wouldn't get rid of my cats and they would all continue to breed, in the end I had 23 cats. My husband booked me into to therpy to help me over come this obsession in which I was made to re-home all but 1 cat with the conditions I desexed it. It has been 6 years now since this happened and I still feel for the loss of my cat.

            I am so sorry you lost your cat


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              lots of hugs so sorry to here about your kitty it brings tears to my eyes our animals are part of our family


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                We had to get our dog put down when I was about 5 months pregnant. It was also the day before my birthday. When I woke up on my birthday my husband said "Happy Birthday" and I just started bawling and said I didn't want a birthday. I cried for weeks. I think being pregnant and hormonal makes it a little harder for us to calm down, but loosing a pet is very upsetting regardless. I still cry every year around that time because all of a sudden it just hits me again (even though we have a new dog and my son is now 3!).

                to you. My advice is just let yourself cry. If anyone questions it say "I'M PREGNANT!!", I also like to remind myself of that fantastic line "this too shall pass" when times are tough.


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                  Just 2 days ago I had to let my Girl Dog go :-( . One months ago she had major surgery - Cancer. Everyone was telling me that she will live around 3 -6 months maybe 9 months. All I was hoping was that she will make it till my baby boy is born. Sadly the Cancer spread to quick (4 weeks) n I didnt want to put her through surgery again and decided to let her go.

                  I am now 20 weeks pregnant and I miss her so much. It helps me to make Photo Scrapbook pakes of her. I also went today and got her a little special Ash Box. This all helps. Now after 2 days I start to eat again n only because I know I have to because of the Baby.

                  When times get to tough I tell myself : "no beginning -no end " . I still can feel her around and between all those tears I smile because she made me happy the last 12 years and special moments are always remembered



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                    Aww I'm crying for your losses even though luckily I am not going through one of my own, but I am 27 weeks pregnant and emotional! Even without being pregnant if I lost a pet I would be devastated, they bring so much joy and happiness to your life and it's so sad to have to say goodbye.


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                      I don't think you're feeling excessively sad because you're pregnant, I think you're feeling perfectly normal grief because your beautiful cat died. It will ease with time, but you'll never forget him


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                        Thanks everyone for your messages, I'm starting to feel a lot better and our other cat is adjusting too which helps. I think I just had too much time to think last weekend, this week has been very busy and I've been in a better frame of mind. I still think about him a lot but have been able to focus my affection on little Simba our ginger 11 month old kitty. Thanks again for your support!