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  • TENS Hire in Brisbane?

    Hi ladies

    My hospital (RBWH) doesn't hire TENS machine and I've had an unproductive lunch time ringing around pharmacies and physio clinics in my area. Does anyone know where I can hire a TENS machine for the next few weeks?

    I am hesitant to mail order hire one - I'm slightly concerned that I'll book it today and in the day or two it takes to arrive I'll go into labour and it will be money wasted! Although perhaps that wouldn't be such a bad thing...

    Where did you Brisbanites hire yours?

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    I am hiring mine from


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      Me - Thank you thank you!!! Think Pharmacy doesn't but the Think Mobility does and they are CHEAP. $10 per week or $30 for a month (I will need it for less than a month since I'm 38+3 already) with a $30 deposit. And as luck would have it I am meeting a friend in Chermside for lunch today!

      I was thinking about for $65 for 5 weeks but then when I added the $25 postage it was $90 and that was getting a bit steep.


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        Thanks from me too! Called heaps of pharmacies with no luck. Think mobility chermside had it for $40 for the month plus $16.50 for the pads. Their store flooded this week though so will have to pick up from eagle farm.