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  • What would you do if you were me?

    I have an upstairs neighbour who is a student. Last night they had a party, and they're listening to music too loud ( they did this before, and I didn't say anything). I knocked their door, and asked them if they could turn it down a little. They said ok, no problem. After that they started talking, laughing, and screaming. They were so noisy. I know they're having fun, but I think they should have remembered that they live in an apartment building, and they have a downstairs neighbour who has a baby. I was soooo angry.

    In the morning, we realised that our water is not running. My DH checked the main valf which is turned off by probably upstairs neighbour. I know they did because the valf belongs to two flats. My flat and upstairs. I don't know why they turned it off. I think that they should have notified me. So what would you do if you were me?


    P.S. when we first moved to this flat, this guy told me that I could warn him if the music is loud for us. I would do that even if he haven't told me that before.
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    Maybe you could try and approach them after a couple of days have gone past so that some of your anger has waned and you will be less emotional when talking to them.

    Were they drinking at the party, if so everything that you said to them would have gone in one ear and out the other !!!!! Maybe talking to them after the fact you will get a better response. If possible you want to approach this so that you guys can stay cival to each other, we had a really bad relationship with some "party animal" neighbours a couple of years ago and I know that they at times were as noisy as possible just to p--- us off !!! ( right outside my sons room )

    At a different address my husband once took our baby in his arms ( screaming at the time ) with him when he politely went and knocked on the neighbours doors, it was a very subtle reminder that worked !!!

    good luck