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    Hi everyone...

    Would just like some feedback regarding using a dummy and whether or not to put something on it like honey so Lena will take it...



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    Dummy feedback

    Hi Sharon - Just wanted to ask how old Lena is? Just to let you know that I've read not to give bubs under 12mths honey - not sure why but think it is something to do with bacteria in the honey? My girl who is 11mths now took a dummy at around 6 weeks old which was a godsend as it was the only thing that seemed to help settle her but then when she was around 4-5mths just didn't want to take it anymore and switched to her thumb and now nothing! I have a friend who's son is same age and he just never took the dummy at all - would just spit it out, so she gave up. I guess this doesn't really help you much - sorry I don't know if this applies to you or not but CHN told me that bubs under 6 weeks can get nipple/bottle confusion when given dummy, then again I don't usually listen to them much anyway as they just seem to give very differing advice that is confusing to us mums. Anyway, I've rambled enough and don't feel like I've helped, so I'll just say hang in there.


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      No Honey!!!!

      Hi there,

      dummies are great for babies that want one. But, if they don't, then do not push it on them.

      As for your HONEY question... absolutley not! you will root the little things teeth before they even come through.

      I also know that there are so many types of dummies on the market these days and my nephew likes one that is completely different to the one that my little man has, so maybe if Lena is not having one, it might be a good idea to try another type.



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        Dummy Feedback

        If Lena is under 12mths honey is a not recommended due to the threat of botulism. Both my children weren't very keen on their dummies and my daughter preferred my breast as a pacifier (although I was probably just setting myself up for trouble in the long run!).
        If she's really not interested in the dummy then you might want to try some other methods for calming her. Sucking may not give her the comfort she needs - a tight wrap might be more her thing or some background noise (e.g. lullabies or rain sounds etc) might be her cue for getting to, and staying, asleep. If she decides later that she wants to suck for comfort then no doubt she will find her thumb! (of course there are 100 pros and cons for that method as well...!) It's all trial and error. Hang in there and good luck!

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        DH (28)
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          Thanks for all the comments!!!

          She's 8 wks and I'll just keep trying different things. She actually had two sleeps for about two hours the other day all by herself on the lounge.

          She's still sleeping with me in bed at night as she won't settle in her basinette since week two and everyone needs sleep including me... hopefully she'll get better.

          Friends keep telling me I'm making a rod for my back having her sleep with me yet the midwife says it's all about survival and to just do what works at this stage. I certainly couldn't keep going like we were which was staying awake and saying goodbye to daddy when he left for work at 5:00am. Then we might finally get an hours sleep by exhaustion at about 6:00am.

          Thanks again



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            Sharon you sound like you're really getting it together... even if you have days where it doesn't feel like it. I don't think you need any more opinions on dummies - the above sounds good. But as for your little one sleeping with you I'd just like to say keep doing what feels right. I loved it when my little one slept with us - even when people discouraged it. She's now 15 mths & I still enjoy it when it does happen. One of the girls in my mothers group said in her culture they always sleep with the baby and only when they ask for their own bed do they get it. I think she said she was around 6 yrs old before she asked if she could sleep in a bed on her own. And she seemed well adjusted!
            There's extreme's in everything - you'll find your own balance. Your sanity & rest is just as important as the baby's.


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              Hi Sharon

              My bub (who is now 5 mths) would NOT take a dummy when really little. I tried a couple of different brands...but would just spit it out and keep whinging!!

              Anyway, from about 3 1/2 or 4 mths teething really started and now he does take one (usually when tired only and particularly to go over to sleep) and he is now knawing away on it. I think it gives him some relief from teething...and now that he is grumpy with that we need the relief too!

              I found that he likes the NUK ones..even though he doesn't have a teat shaped that way (he uses Avent or Pidgeon)..I didn't try at first because they were so different to the Avent teats, but a friend reccomended them and now he loves those ones.

              Mind you, it is only of use to settle when he is tired etc (not overtirred either or else he spits out in a tantrum) and not just when he is whinging....nothing stops that!!

              Hope this helps!


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                Neither of my children had a dummy and both of them have/had slept in bed with us. Our 5 yo was breastfed for nearly 2 1/2 years and slept with us for longer, however he is now incredibly independant and secure, and sleeps the night in his own bed. Our daughter (15 mths) starts the night in her cot anytime betwen 6 and 8:30, then at 12 or 1 she comes into bed for a quick boob and is straight back to sleep again she is also a very independant little miss!
                As for the dummy, like someone else said if she is not keen on it dont push it. I know most of the mums at my playgroup have huge dummy angst with their 3 year olds who are addicted to them


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                  Thankyou everyone for the comments....

                  Things are slowly progressing here... On Monday I put Lena in her basinette for a sleep at about 12:30pm and she slept for three whole wonderful hours. I then put her in her basinette again at 11:00pm when she fell asleep on my chest in the lounge chair and she slept through until 5:00am with only one little whinge - celebration was widespread at my house...

                  Yesterday afternoon she slept for two and a half hours in her capsule at her grandparents place and here but mummy fell asleep in the lounge chair with her so didn't put her into her basinette until about 2:00am but she slept until 5:30am.

                  I never thought she would sleep unassisted but I have had the best nights sleep the past two nights than I've had in the past 12 months - yeh...

                  She's just gone to sleep now so I must go do washing, tidying and organise dinner while I have a minute. Thanks again to everyone for their comments, I'm not going to push the dummy, she seems to suck on her whole fist and the back of her rist when in the basinette - we'll see what happens in time.

                  Sharon & Lena (nearly 10 wks)

                  PS: My only worry is that she's being so good because it's wonderful cool rainy sleepy weather at the moment, I'll wait and see what happens when it heats up again.


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                    Thats great Sharon!
                    Glad things are sorting themselves out for you and bub!
                    fingers crossed she has worked out the whole sleeping thing