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IUD strings (tmi- a few questions)

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  • IUD strings (tmi- a few questions)

    I had a multiload copper iud inserted on thursday. Insertion went well, and apart from some major cramps and bleeding on saturday from my AF starting, all is going well and I hardly notice anything different at all down there now.

    My gyno said it's not neccesary to feel for the strings after each period (even though I've read otherwise), but I have tried to have a feel around for them anyway out of curiosity and I can't seem to find them. I think they may be very short or I just can't reach up far enough. My partner has felt them though while dtd 24 hours after insertion (only in a certain position though). I couldn't feel the strings both when I checked before dtd and after. (My gyno also said it was fine to dtd as soon as I felt comfortable with it)

    So my question is, has anyone else never been able to feel their iud strings? I think I would notice if the iud fell out but it still concerns me that I can't check myself.
    Also if your partner has been able to feel the strings at first, did they soften up after awhile? I have heard this is usually what happens and I hope this is the case for me.

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      I had a mirena IUD with strings and I could feel mine, but the doc did say she could cut them if they were a bother or if DH could feel them during sex. She said she could cut them and make them so short that we wouldn't be able to feel maybe that's what your doc did...just cut them shorter than usual? Could you ring them up and ask if it's possible?

      Both DH and I could feel mine for the whole 5 years I had it in, but only if you really reached lol..they never softened up nope, but DH never felt them during dtd, not once.

      Not sure if all that is the same for the type of IUD you have though sorry x


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        I have the mirena. My Gyno cut the strings really short so we can't feel them. He said no need to try and check at all.


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          My strings were cut very short and went up into my cervix so I couldn't feel them after awhile. My dr got me to have an ultrasound to check it was still in place. It actually imbedded into the lining of my uterus so it couldn't fall out anyway. At the beginning both me and my partner could feel the iud in some positions when we dtd, but that lessened over time.


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            I tried feeling for mine for the first time last night, to see if I could, and I can't feel mine either, even got my DH to try for it, and he couldn't either, it was like I couldn't even reach my own cervix, so either they strings are too short, or I just can't reach where I need to find them.
            I have to admit, it freaked me out ALOT last night.


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              I'm on to my second mirena and have not once felt the strings. XH said he could feel the strings on the first one the first time we dtd after insertion and then not again after that.