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Contraception failing?

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  • Contraception failing?

    I had my son late in October 2011. At my 6week check up I got the mini pill because I'm not planning on getting pregnant again any time soon due to studying. I had the first pill on the 10th December, I continued to take them for a further 4 days but stopped because I found out that of it fails it increases your risk of having an ectopic pregnancy and that is something I do not want to happen as I would love to be pregnant again many times. The day after I stopped taking them I got my first period since the post-natal bleeding had stopped. That went for 6days and then on the 15th to 17th day of my cycle I had some spotting. Now what I would like to know is if the bleeding is from the pill(first time on any contraception) or if it could be implantation bleeding? I'm thinking it isn't implantation bleeding because we were using a condom just in case.

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    Then its just your body getting rid of all the extra hormones. Its called breakthrough bleeding when you go off contraception. Its normal.