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Non- Hormonal/Copper IUD or other options other than barrier methods

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  • Non- Hormonal/Copper IUD or other options other than barrier methods

    Just wondering if any ladies here use or have used these.

    I have been doing some reading as more babies after these two are NOT on the cards at this stage.

    I don't agree with hormonal contraceptive after seeing what they did to my body. Weight gain, depression, only good thing was regular periods.

    I already have heavy periods and have been reading that the IUD can make them heavier and more painful . Mine are already painful.

    Does anyone know much about these? Or any other options?

    I have issues with condoms as the lubricant they put on them stings me, and I am not sure how good I would be with a diaphragm. Dp has said if I am not on something Condoms it is, but I don't really want to be in pain after every time we dtd

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    I have the mirena IUD and it had the opposite effect on me - lighter & less painful periods (and less regular too WOOT).

    I think the copper IUD is pretty much for women who are sure they're not planning on having any more children fullstop.

    What about the female condom? Would you try that? A friend of mine told me they're a bit friendlier than the male ones.


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      I had one of the copper T iud put in after my daughter was born 10 years ago, and i have gone on tho have another baby, i didnt think they were ment for people who didnt want more kids, i dont think that they would have let me have one when i was 21 if thats what they were for.

      But i had really bad side effects, increased migranes, exsessive discharge (sorry tmi), longer periods ... they went from three days to 9, i hated it.


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        I just had the Mirena fitted today I did heaps of research on it and women have been RAVING about it - not only do you not have to worry about having anymore kids for 5 years it also has a very low dose progestoron which makes periods lighter and shorter, reduces period pain and in some cases no periods (this is the main reason I had it as my periods have become bad after having the kids) just google mirena and have a is fairly new I believe


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          I have a copper iud and it lasts for ten years and you can get pregnant again afterwards. The only reason they recommend it for woman who have already had children is because it doesn't prevent ectopic pregnancies and if you get one than you could become infertile. In saying that it doesnt increase your risk either.
          I usually have heavy periods and yes they are longer, on average between 7 to 10 days and more discharge at times but i havent noticed a difference in pain. \
          I think it is great. No hormones to contend with that are not natural and confidence for ten years. If you want to fall before that than it can just get taken out.
          Its a simple proceedure and i didnt find it painful at all.
          Its important to be sti vigulant because the iud basically creates a clear passage way for the infections to travel straight into your uterus which can also make you infertile.
          Good luck. I also found diagphrams good. They can be left in all the time and just taken out once a day when you have a shower for a wash. I choose not to use one now because i absolutely do not want to get pregnant and diagphrams are a bit less effective than iud's.