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Uterine hysterectomy or other options

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  • poshBecks
    A friend of mine had one done in her 20's. She had aweful periods her whole life & had enough. She had 2 children & then had it done. She doesn't have any regrets as far as I am aware She now has much better quality of life as she isn't worrying about periods all the time. (from what I can understand they were just aweful & constant)

    My advice is go for it, but only if you are VERY sure you are finished having babies. You have to be sure.

    Good luck

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  • Sarahg
    started a topic Uterine hysterectomy or other options

    Uterine hysterectomy or other options

    I'm having a c/section with my second little guy in may. This was an unplanned pregnancy - we only wanted the one baby!! I had severe complications with the first birth and as a result had minor prolapse, ending in vaginal repair surgery. I am considering having a uterine hysterectomy as my form of permanent contraceptive.

    Has anyone had one in their early 30's before (or earlier)? - if yes was it by choice?

    Any regrets?

    I've also heard that maybe the hospital won't do it as I'm young(ish!). Does anyone know about this?

    I'm thinking uterine hysterectomy due to past complications, rather than just getting my tubes tied. I run the risk of further prolapse and am thinking I can nip it in the bud now, so to speak.

    My husband will willingly have a vasectomy, but we're considering my medical problems first.