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I was excited now I'm worried..

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  • I was excited now I'm worried..

    I'll be having a c/s with baby number 2 in late July/early August. I was kindof excited because I went through 18 hours of labour with ds and I'm happy to do it differently this time around! It's also a relief because this way my Mum can come and look after ds when I go into hospital. We don't have any family nearby and I was always worried about what would happen when I went into labour!

    My sister in law has had 3 caesareans and was telling me all about it the other day. She said I couldn't pick up my baby for 2 weeks and not do any heavy lifting, vacuuming, mopping, hanging out laundry for 6 weeks. Now I'm stressing. I knew I'd be recovering from major surgery, but dh doesn't do much at all around the house, I'll have a 3 year old to look after aswell, I can't just let the place turn into a total dump!!! And we all know how quickly that can happen if we stop cleaning for a day! How do I look after a new baby if I can't pick it up? How can I do night time feeds?

    Has anyone had a c/s and just picked up the baby and got on with life anyway?

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    Everyone is different, but I cant imagine not being able to pick up your own baby! I managed ok, i dont expect to be picking up my toddler however for a bit...

    Everyone recovers in different ways..I was able to go up and down our stairs ok but I did refrain from driving..

    Im tossing up whether to have another one this time round 6 weeks stuck at home with 2 kids wont be any fun...

    But dont worry about looking after bub! Im sure hubby can pick up the slack for a little bit..


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      I have had 3 cs', all "planned", but NEVER had the problems your SIL said when I returned home. I also had no help from hubby (not that he does much) or family after 2 days at home.

      I have been able to pick up bubs and carry bubs around the house each time. I have been able to hold/cuddle their other siblings while sitting down too. With the washing, I did it, and either took it out in parts (and had a table outside to put the basket on) or just waited until hubby came home. The mopping and sweeping, I did what i could until it hurt and then came back to it later. I was driving again after 3 weeks .

      My doc said to me to take it easy, don't stress this will make your recovery longer, and just do whatever you feel comfortable doing.

      Hope this helps.

      oh, i also found going for walks down (as best I could) to our local shops 2km's away help make my recovery a lot quicker, as I got stiff if i stayed in one place for to long.
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        You can definately pick up your baby after a c-section. You won't be able to pick up your 3 year old though. I to will be having my second c-section in July. My first one was an emergency one and I was able to pick up things off the floor etc. Vacuming I didn't attempt and I did do the washing etc. I just got DH to carry it out for me etc. (DH isn't to touch the washing machine after he broke our last one doing a load of washing).

        Everyone is different I found my recovery from my c-section really quick and good I was walking well and could have driven much earlier then 6 weeks. I suspect this c-section will be even easier bc I won't have a 38 hour labour to go through first. The only difficulty will be my son.


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          Its really hard and yes really painful.

          But i was on my own with a newborn and a 3yr old and i coped.


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            The first 2 weeks were the hardest for me, after that I was washing and doing light house work, DH was back at work and I had no choice.
            I was careful not to pick up DD1 - I would kneel down on the floor for hugs.

            Clothes airers were great, I couldn't hang washing on the line - it hurt to reach up, but airers were just the right height. I'd just take out a few items at a time, instead of carrying a whole basket.

            I think its doable, but you do tire alot faster, so its really only essential stuff that got done, not dusting etc.

            ETA: My baby was the only thing the hospy said I was allowed to carry!


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              I had a caesarean, and I picked my baby up that night. I wasn't STANDING the first night, but I used the strength in my arms to lift her from her crib and into my bed with me (not the strength of my abdomen).

              I continued to pick her up from then on. How can you not hold your own baby?

              Mine was 10lbs 4oz too, so not some tiny little weightless thing.

              I wouldn't be doing much in the way of house work though. Lifting the washing basket would be near agony IMO and not a good move either (for your health). Same with a lot of other house duties.

              Your husband is having this baby too, and even if he gets to slack off normally, this is different. You will NEED his help, and you should tell him that he better give it to you!

              I'd say do a lot of cooking before you have your bub and keep it frozen so dinners aren't hard work, and seriously, if you're worried about dishes, I'd forget about the environment for a short while and use plastic plates and such. Easier.


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                I've had two caesareans and definitely didn't have those dramas. Mine were both late afternoon, so I couldn't walk until the next day so the first night the midwives helped, but after that I was fine to pick up my baby- not my 3-year-old though!

                I went home on day 3 both times and managed to do light housework, and I would put on laundry and get DH to hang it out, but I was hanging it out myself in about 2 weeks. Our clothes line isn't all that high though.
                I felt fine to drive within 2 as well, but didn't for 6 weeks just in case (and because of insurance).

                I actually had to keep reminding myself not to do things because I felt back to normal fairly quickly. I think after 4weeks I kept accidentally picking my 3-year-old up off the floor because I forgot.


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                  You'll be FINE!!!!

                  You are perfectly allowed to pick up your own baby. And it sounds like you'll have others to help with your 3 yr old.

                  I know it's not natural for most women but don't overthink and worry about these things!! decide to enjoy it and really savour the experience of having your 2nd. It is a BLAST. Stay in hospital for as long as you can and enjoy being waited upon whilst you reign in bed.

                  If you're having a c-section you may as well live up to the dream of "too posh to push". It's a lot more pleasant than thinking the worst!!!!!

                  PS Don't forget to pack your pedicure kit so your DH has something to do!!! (ooo and chocolate)


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                    Thanks for all of your support ladies! I couldn't imagine not being able to pick up my baby! I did think I'd probably be stuck in bed for the first night in hospital, which I don't like the idea of but I can live with it. The midwives weren't very helpful when I had ds so the idea of relying on them to come in every time I need to pick him up is a little worrying.

                    Dh is not very helpful at all around the house so when sil said I couldn't do all this stuff and he'd have to (her dh IS helpful) I freaked out! I guess what I can't do just wont get done!!


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                      A friend has had 2 c-sec's and she was told not to lift anything heavier than your baby - but never not to pick up her baby. She tried to be supermum first time around and was doing the pre-school drop-off for her eldest and standing for ages helping with the handing out of the pies from the pie drive at 3weeks. She ended up in agony and a nasty infection. Second time around she took it alot easier (had 3kids to look after by then). Her DH helped out alot, and by 4weeks she was back to doing lots of stuff herself.

                      Everyone has different experiences - after 2 natural births and 2 c-secs....she'd says that in order of pain/being able to handle/do again - she'd put her second natural birth as by far the easiest, her second c-section next, then her 43hr first labour, then her first c-sec. I guess with her - she did better on both types of births second time around!


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                        A family member told me in hospital that I shouldn't be picking up my DD. I was devistated. I asked the midwife and she said that I can pickup upto 5kg.

                        DH has been home this week and has been great, doing most of the things around the house. The next day after hospital the inlaws came and helped clean up a bit, same with my parents. They have all been bringing some food a couple of nights this week.