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    I just want echo what previous posters have said about every birth being different and the importance of going in with an open mind. I didn't have an epi or any drug based pain management with dd. I preferred to try to do it naturally but had the plan that I'd take it as it comes. My tip would be to have a list of pain relief or coping strategies you'd be happy to try and the order you want to approach it in. For me I made the decision to keep moving, I tried a heat pack on my back, then moved to the tens machine when that wasn't enough, I spent a lot of time in the shower, and then finally the bath. Having these different options meant I never got to a point where I needed to ask for something else but if I had I would have crossed that bridge when I came to it.


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      Another one who would say don't make a decision yet but go in with an open mind! I had an epi for my DD and it was amazing. I was induced and things happened reasonably quickly. I think had I had a spontaneous birth then maybe I wouldn't have needed one but because the contractions came on hard and fast, and I had a lot of monitors strapped to me, meaning I couldn't use fitballs, walk around or jump in the shower, I couldn't do much to help myself. For me, gas didn't help the pain at all.
      My epi was only in and on for maybe an hour before it was turned off for me to push, but it gave me a rest and allowed me to regain some energy for pushing. I had a spinal block at the same time and the relief was instant. So good.
      My birth was vacuum assisted and I also had an episiotomy but both those were due to my daughter's position (her head was at a funny angle and got a bit stuck) not the epi.