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Labour 3rd time round and worried

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  • Labour 3rd time round and worried

    Hi Everyone,

    Baby #3 is due in 7 weeks time currently 32 weeks and I'm starting to worry about the labour.

    I had my last 2 babies in 2009 (12 years ago) and 2010 (11 years ago).

    My first labour lasted 48 hours with our daughter weighing 8pound 3 ounces and I told my DH back then after that long labour we won't be having more exactly a year later I gave birth again to our son who I was in labour with for 5 hours and he was 9 pound 12 ounces.

    Fast forward to now we are expecting baby #3 who at the moment is still breech, we have been told they may need to get her out early due to having medical conditions which I didn't have with the 2 above and we have been told she will be no where near as big as my previous 2 (when born should be around the 5-6 pound mark)

    I've been told by the midwife and OB to expect a quick labour as the reduction in time from my first to second labour is huge. Which I do have my fingers crossed it will be quick I certainly don't want one as long as my first.

    Give me your baby #3 labour stories, was it harder, easier, hurt like hell or was pretty smooth sailing?


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    Hi there! Congratulations!
    I am little busy now, but will come back later with my story(ies)


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      Congrats. Can I ask what the medical condition is? Lots of things they say you need to be induced early for you may not really need to.

      My 3rd was faster than my first 2. I experienced FER.


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        I remember with my third I suffered from anxiety throughout the pregnancy. After confiding to several of my friends , they said the same. I concluded that third pregnancy and birth seems to cause more anxiety than usual in women, perhaps I am wrong.
        Anyway, I have 5 kids.
        1 ds born 36 weeks, induction after light bleeding and contractions started and I was 5 cm dilated when I went to check due to light bleeding. In hindsight I would have refused induction and give him more time. Bleeding was most probably due to bd but as a first time mum, I panicked. Ds was fine, just sleepy, jaundiced and losing weight. From me presenting to emergency to ds birth = 18hrs, maybe 5 hours of painful labour. 3.2kg, normal vaginal delivery, no tears, fentanyl pain relief
        2 dd , 40w, 3.5kg, slightly posterior, no tears, no pain relief, labour less than 3 hours
        Baby 3 dd 40w , 4.7 kg, no pain relief, no tears, labour around 2hr. The contractions didn’t hurt much and I was 10cm upon coming to hospital. I will never forget the pain of birth as baby was very big but otherwise she was beautiful, healthy and my easiest baby. She is 6 now. And I was most anxious during this pregnancy.
        Baby 4 dd 38w , 3.1kg ,induced, breech, low amniotic fluid, pathology of placenta found bits of it dying out, vaginal birth, no tears,from induction to birth about 9hrs, maybe 4 hours of painful contractions (the pain of contractions when induced is so different for me to spontaneous labour), two injections of pethidone during contractions which wore off quickly and I didnt want any more-no point. I was nervous leading up to birth because of the possibility of a caesarian but the birth was beautiful and not painful at all. She came out so gently, slowly and I saw every bit of it and was so present, while with the others I refused to look and wasnt present.
        Baby 5 dd 40+10 very overdue, refused induction, spontaneous labour lasting 1hr (lucky we live close to hospital as baby was born 20min after getting there, and 20 minutes before getting to hospital I wasnt even sure if it was the real deal ) not painful at all , first time birthed not laying on my back, didnt push just let baby slide out. My healing birth, caught baby myself. No pain relief, no tears, baby was 4.2kg.

        My advice is to:
        Try not to stress. You have done it before. Your body knows what to do. Believe in yourself and think positively, everything will be well. It is normal to be anxious especially since you know what to expect, but every pregnancy is different and it being your third does not mean any specific outcome, there are so many women with so many different experiences in their third pregnancy.

        Wishing you all the best and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy x
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