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    Originally posted by Noahmischiefsmum View Post
    i'll never forget dp sitting with his legs up to his chest on a chair holding a pillow and a glass of water just because he had passed out!! i love him very much but he was useless after that! hehe

    I was so worried my husband would throw up or pass out - and he shocked me! He was fantastic and got into the entire experience!


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      I am a first time Mum, so don't really know what to put in a birth plan. I don't know who my midwife will be when I give birth, so I can't discuss this with her/him! I don't even know if my chosen hospital has nay of their own rules/regulations that I have to just not sure where to go with writing my birth plan..I am 35 weeks..


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        Virgomum, sounds to me like you must be going through the standard public hospital program. All the more reason to speak to someone at your next checkup. You might find there is a basic or checklist?type birth plan in the back of your antenal care notes that can be a starter point.

        At the end of the day, regardless of the hospitals 'rules' or regulations, you have the final say on what they do to YOUR body. I actually feel it is more important to go through your birth plan with your birth partner (whether that is your husband/partner, friend or mother) - but make sure you are clear with them, and give them a copy to take/bring with them. That way, if things get tough they will be able to help keep you focussed, on track and stand up for what you want.


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          Virgomum- just have a sit and think about what sorts of thing you would like to do while you're in labour, how you'd like things to go, what you definitely do NOT want to happen, what you'd like to happen after the birth in regards to needles, natural third stage etc and go from there.


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            scale birth plan

            Birth Plan of
            The birth plan is a tool designed for the use of the midwife/doctor, to get to know the pregnant woman when she walks into the birth suite. It is a list of the decisions the mother has made beforehand so that she does not need to make decisions during times where she needs to focus on her labour/contractions. This birth plan is designed as a scale of where you stand on certain issues and some are yes/no questions. With a pen, mark a dot on the line of where you stand at each end of the spectrum.

            I want a non-medicated, non-instrumental vaginal delivery (Y/N)
            I want the midwife to catch the baby………..I want my husband/myself to catch the baby
            I want to wear my own clothes………………………………….I want to wear the hospital clothes
            I consent to be a teaching patient…………………I don’t consent to being a teaching patient
            I want to birth in the water pool….I want to birth in the position that’s most comfortable for me at the time
            I want a natural third stage………………………………I want the injection to expel the placenta
            I want a vaginal exam for specific medical indication only…………I want a vaginal exam on request
            I want baby’s vernix to be left on……………………………..I want baby bathed soon after birth

            I want my baby to only have breast milk………………..I don’t mind my baby having formula
            I want early discharge from hospital…………………I want to stay in hospital as long as I can

            I want to “breathe” the baby out according to what my body is telling me……..…I want to push the baby out according to the midwife’s instructions
            I want my partner to be at the head of the bed….…I want my partner to be at the foot of the bed
            I want a fairly high level of privacy…I don’t mind “baring all” to everyone who walks into the room
            I want to cope by use of relaxation techniques…….I want to cope by being active, moving about and vocalising.

            I prefer…
            The room to be warm with lights dimmed (Y/N)
            Excessive noise to be avoided (Y/N)
            My fluids to be “capped off” when not in use (Y/N)
            Freedom to choose positions and activity during labour (Y/N)
            Full information on risks and benefits of each suggested medical procedure (Y/N)
            To be given some time to go into labour myself if induction is suggested (Y/N)
            Full access to the water pool or shower for pain relief (Y/N)
            My partner present at all times (Y/N)
            Freedom to touch the baby during birth (Y/N)
            Delayed cord-clamping (Y/N)
            Skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth (Y/N)
            To allow baby to attempt the breast crawl (Y/N)
            Baby weighed and measured in my presence after initial bonding period (Y/N)
            To room in (Y/N)
            To breastfeed on demand (Y/N)
            Help with breastfeeding on request (Y/N)
            My baby to receive Hep B Vacc and Vitamin K (injection/oral) (Y/N)
            Non-invasive/intermittent monitoring of the baby (Doppler) unless necessary (Y/N)
            Gentle stimulation so baby is given time to take first breaths unassisted i.e. No immediate suctioning or oxygen (Y/N)
            Baby to have skin-to-skin contact with my husband after weight/measurements (Y/N)
            I prefer gas to pethidine/epidural if pain relief is required (Y/N)

            These three things you may not be sure about until the time comes.
            I want you to ask me if…
            I want to see the placenta (Y/N)
            I want to help stretch my perineum over the baby’s head (Y/N)
            I want to birth naked (Y/N)

            As your doula, ultimately you and your partner need to make the decisions and I will support you in that.

            Signed (Mother):
            Signed (Partner):
            Signed (Doula):


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              Hi Ladies,

              I am due in July and I am currently thinking about my birth plan... I am very unsure of what pain relief medication to use... if any. I was thinking about an Epidural, but am worried about any ill after effects, such as nausea and headaches, pain in the legs etc. Any advice for this first time mum to be??



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                Bubjuly2011 - I would keep an open mind. You may find that you cope really well with the contractions, or you may infact need pharmacological intervention. I think as long as you are aware of your options and your care provider knows you are open to different methods of pain relief then you will have lots of support on the day. Just be well informed from reliable information. HTH


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                  If you are unsure about a particular thing just say you will make your mind up at the time. Tell the midwife in your birth plan that you request that they not offer you anything for pain relief and that you will ask for it when you need it. If they offer you anything when you're in pain its like waving a chocolate cake in front of a starving person. I swear...when I was in transition, if someone came in with a chainsaw and asked me if I wanted my head chopped off I'd say YES!


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                      This was mine... none of it happened so when you wrote your plan remember that it may become completely redundant.

                      Birth Centre

                      At this time, there is no reason to anticipate any change of plans. However, in the case of complications, we are happy to transfer to the birth suites for assistance. The following list is offered as a guide. We may withdraw any of these requests at any time before, or during labour. I DO NOT want any medical students or male staff present during any part of my labour, birth or recovery.

                      Our requests at the birth centre are as follows:

                      I wish to go into labour spontaneously. If I go overdue I would like to be at least 10 days after my due date before being induced (unless there are problems). I would prefer to labour in the birth centre after this.
                      Any injections/needles must be given through the LEFT arm away from the hand or wrist area (as close to the inner elbow as possible).
                      If circumstances for both myself and baby are suitable, our preferred delivery method would be in water (shower).
                      I would like easy and private access to the bath and/or shower. Water has been a pain relief method for me for many years. Warm as it safely can be.
                      Harry is to stay throughout the labour, birth and recovery.
                      I want as few interruptions as possible during labour. I am not good at small talk/chit chat and this makes me very uncomfortable.
                      I do not want to touch the head or look at how things are progressing. Please do not ask me! Harry will not be getting involved in catching of baby.
                      The room will be warm and the lights dimmed. Excessive noise will be avoided, and people present at the moment of birth will speak only very softly so as to avoid startling the baby.
                      The baby will be placed on my abdomen after being wiped down after being delivered. A blanket will cover the baby and also be placed underneath the baby to avoid toileting incidents.
                      I do not want baby washed for at least 24hours after the birth.
                      The baby may be nursed within minutes of birth.
                      The cord will not be clamped or cut until it has stopped pulsating, unless it must be cut to complete the birth of the baby. I would like Harry to cut the cord where possible.
                      I am happy to have the injection to help with the delivery of Placenta. Harry wishes to keep the placenta. I do not wish to see it.
                      In the event of a Ceaser, I will trust in my midwife’s advice, as she knows my ultimate goals at the end and I trust will only suggest what is best for me with my desires. I wish to avoid a Ceaser at all costs.
                      If baby needs to be taken from my sight, Harry is to go and remain with the child at all times.
                      Never offer my child a bottle. Never! I plan to breast feed. If baby is in care, wait for me to come and express or try breast feeding. I am very passionate about this, no bottle!
                      I am happy for bubs to receive both the Vit K and Hep B shots as soon as able, I just want to be warned before the shot is given and I do not want the baby to be on me when this is happening.
                      Our first preference for post-natal care after a 12-24 hour stay in the birth centre would be the domiciliary program (early discharge).
                      If I do go to the postnatal ward it is of utmost importance to my mental heath that Harry room in with me. This should be in my hospital notes.

                      If transferred from the birth centre to the delivery suite

                      Should a medical problem arise, we expect both the problem, and any required procedural changes, to be discussed with us, unless it is an emergency and there is no time for discussion. If it is necessary to transfer to the Birth Suite we request the following as a guide.

                      We may withdraw any of our requests at any time before or during labour. If any of our plans cannot be carried out at the hospital for reasons of policy and procedure we wish to be informed of this ahead of time.

                      No medications will be administered without prior consent of myself, or in the event of my incapacity, Harry. This request excludes none and specifically includes oxytocics, analgesics, barbiturates and tranquillisers.
                      Any injections/needles must be given through the LEFT arm away from the hand or wrist area (as close to the inner elbow as possible
                      The amniotic sac will not be artificially ruptured.
                      No intravenous fluids will be given without prior permission or good medical reason as determined by the parents and the physician in consultation.
                      There will be no routine fetal monitoring, either internal or external. Frequent listening to the fetal heart is expected. A Doppler may be used if desired.
                      Harry will stay throughout labour, birth and recovery.
                      I will walk during labour and will be assisted by staff and Harry in assuming whatever position is most comfortable during labour and birth. I will not be arbitrarily confined to bed during labour. If the birth is happening away from the bed, say in the shower, I do not wish to be moved from this position.
                      There will be no episiotomy without medical reason. The parents or nursing staff may apply warm, wet cloths to the area around the vagina prior to delivery.
                      I am not comfortable with a forceps delivery and would like to avoid this.

                      Caesarean birth requests:

                      Harry is not to leave my side if a caesar is necessary.
                      There will be no mandatory period in the nursery. Rooming in will be immediate and continuous unless there is a genuine problem with the baby. Parents and baby will be in the recovery room after delivery.
                      It is essential to my mental and physical wellbeing that Harry room in with me for my stay at the hospital. This has been noted in my medical record.

                      I do not wish to have any visitors or for anyone to be contacted regarding labour and/or birth. This also applies for anyone contacting the hospital to enquire about me. Do not release ANY information. This is extremely important to me.


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                        Thank-you all so much for posting your birth plans! I have 8 & a half weeks to go & will be having my 'birth plan' appointment with my midwife soon but I have now got a great starting point that I can take with me.


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                          Originally posted by heartstringz View Post
                          Thank-you all so much for posting your birth plans! I have 8 & a half weeks to go & will be having my 'birth plan' appointment with my midwife soon but I have now got a great starting point that I can take with me.
                          Try not to get too caught up in the specifics of things.

                          Start off with things that you absolutely do not 100% want.


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                            Just subbing here, so I can come back and find this later. Thanks all.


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                              Just adding my birth plan. I had a homebirth so this was my hospital birth plan in case we needed to transfer:

                              Birth Plan
                              Due Date: 
                              Support people: partner/father midwives

                              Philosophy: Natural, drug-free birth

                              Labour & Birth

                              Environment: Quiet, dim lights, music as desired

                              Active labour:
                              free to move as desired
                              birth pool & shower
                              bean bag/fit ball massage
                              Calmbirth as prompted by father
                              Food & drink offered

                              No foetal monitoring
                              No vaginal/cervix examinations

                              Pain Relief:
                              Natural methods only
                              Do not offer drugs

                              Spontaneous rupture of membranes
                              No episiotomy
                              Touch baby’s head when crowning
                              See with mirror

                              Immediately after delivery:
                              Birth mother & father to ‘catch’ baby,
                              place on mother’s chest
                              Father to check & announce gender of baby

                              Umbilical cord:
                              Lotus Birth
                              Placenta to be kept/remain with mother
                              Physiological third stage – no injection
                              Baby to remain with parent’s at all times

                                In the event of a caesarean:

                              Partner/father and midwife to be present
                              Screen lowered at delivery
                              All other preferences as above (baby immediately placed on mother’s chest, baby to remain with parents at all times, father to announce gender)  

                              Baby Care
                              Permission from parents before any procedure
                              Breastfeeding/milk only
                              No artificial feeds
                              No vitamin K
                              No Hepatitis B vaccination
                              No Newborn Screening test (heel prick)
                              No test for jaundice

                              I didnt want a lotus birth but was listed to avoid any confusion as to the definition of 'delayed' (did delayed cord clamping)

                              Same with heel prick test (ds had it).

                              Kept it to dot points so that it gets read. As short as possible too.

                              Had an A4 sign of baby care to put on crib in case bub is in nursery (so there is no confusion as to your choices when you are not there - ie. Someone many think bub has 'missed' the hep B shot rather than parents refusing). Birth plans dont get read after the birth. )