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Latest Government Birth Trend Figures

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    Originally posted by Tam-I-Am View Post
    Possibly because women of higher socioeconomic status opt for private (ie obstetrician) care over public (ie mostly midwife) care. As it said in the report, women cared for by obstetricians have a higher rate of C/S and intervention than those not cared for by obstetricians.
    I agree - Midwife care is usually alot more focused on natural birthing methods. They will try to rotate a baby who is not in the correct position, they try to support a mother through birth without drugs, etc.

    Like a previous poster said though, Im more concerned at how many mothers continue to smoke when pregnant, over how many choose to have a CSection.

    In the end, does it really matter how a woman chooses to birth her baby? Is a CSection by CHOICE to fit in with your plans any different to being induced for a vaginal birth by CHOICE to fit in with your plans? Come to think of it... is it any different to the huge amount of us (me included) who will try ANYTHING nearly to induce your own labour at 40 weeks, swinging, having sex, eating curries, going for walks?


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      Thanks for bumping this melbaby - I forgot to post it but the 2006 perinatal data has just been released.

      You can see it here:

      More of the same...unfortunately (but I guess not surprisingly).