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Making Wedding Invitations

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  • Making Wedding Invitations


    To save money for my wedding i want to make my own invitations.... so i went to office works and the paper there was really nice but soo expensive.. $10 for a pack of 10.

    so i wen to kamrt there paper was cheaper but it was mixed.. i would like all the same.. or at least all the same with different texures.. any idea where else i can get cheap paper..

    also, how do you get nice folds.. i want card like invitations?? is it best to get the pre made cards that just require decorating???

    has anyone else mada all there own wedding stationary including place cards and thanks yous etc.. i would love to see some pics for inspiration.


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    Could you try a craft shop maybe?


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      I made everything for my wedding. I'll try to find some pics for you if you like? I got all my stuff from a scrapbooking shop.

      As for folding cards, you can by prefolded ones that aren't too dear but often you can't get the colours etc that you want. To get nice folds I use a scoring tool (if you don't know what that is a craft shop would be able to help you) to score along a line with a ruler. Perfect folds everytime.

      I'll try to track down some pics for you.


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        definatley go to a scrapbooking shop they have everything there, they have pre folded cards and can give you some great ideas and show you examples as well.

        Good luck


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          Heres some photos of some of my stuff (please keep in mind it's all been stored in a box for nearly two years so its a bit worse for wear).

          I couldn't find an invitation but here are my order of service cards (I've edited out some names)

          My bonbonneries and place cards were the same thing.

          These aren't from my wedding but they are some place cards that I've made for something else. Might give you some ideas?

          Hope this helps .


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            use a spoon to run down the side instead of finger... makes it crisper.

            i made my invites and bombareeee (however its spelt ) i picked up the paper for my invite at a craft shop sale....

            and the "gift boxes" were made using wrapping paper (i'll have a look for a photo in a sec... just feeding bubby)

            but some of the bigger cheap store like clints, jave lots of craft supplies now... so maybe the invite stuff there


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              I made my own too. For the Invites and place cards I used pre folded (not folded but had the line to fold) cards which I got from a stationery store (about $20 for 25 for the invites and about $10 for 20 for the placecards)
              For my order of service I just used cardboard from the stationery shop too and folded it myself - I loved my wedding stationery....


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                my bestie made her engagment invites and will do the same for the wedding - but she managed to find some really nice paper at the cheap shops probably the larger ones are better as they would have larger craft areas, but she was quite happy with what she found - and they looked good too - sorry no pics though.


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                  Making Wedding Invitations

                  Yeah designer paper is expensive! We managed to do ours fairly cheaply though. We used a piece of plain cardboard (got that cheaply from officeworks) and then pinned a pretty piece of designer paper on the front that had all the wedding details on it. I think from memory ours was about $1/ sheet too. If you make your wedding invitations the size of an A4 piece of paper folded 3 times (I forget what this size is called) you can get 3 invites out of each sheet, which isn't too bad, as well as saving you on postage costs as they are just the normal 60cents to post (some other shapes will cost extra) I've seen some very nice invites done through vistaprint as well although I'm not sure of costs, they seem to have sales a lot though. Good luck with it all


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                    Re: Making Wedding Invitations

                    Spotlight! They have everything you need...just stocked up myself for the same thing

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                      Making Wedding Invitations

                      Got fancy card from wedding accessories shop. You will find that gluing paper together will sometimes turn out lumpy. We put slits to join two pieces of card together with ribbonImageUploadedByBub Hub1345165331.790712.jpg


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                        I made both our engagement and wedding invites as well as place cards, table seating chart etc.

                        I got all my paper from a place that specialises in wedding invitations. They are kinda like a scrapbooking shop. They were very cheap and were able to help me pick out designs too


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                          If anyone would like invitations made for them free of charge - just cover the cost of printing/materials - please email me at I'm trying to build a portfolio of designs and I need to few guinea pigs to begin with!


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                            Subbing for later

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                              Deleted. Just realized this post is from 2007!