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New Year's Eve.... Alone

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  • New Year's Eve.... Alone

    Has anyone spent new year's eve alone? What did you do?

    I've seperated from my (ex) husband this year. He'll have the kids on new years eve.

    My family don't live locally and although I have afew friends it seems they have plans or will be home with newborns etc.

    So I'm considering finding something to do on my own. I haven't seen the new year in for many years!! So what did you do on your own?

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    Order in something delicious for dinner - I know where I am a lot of the fancy restaurants have kept doing “cook at home” meals, where they give you all the fancy ingredients and you assemble and cook at home. One of the great “hangovers” from COVID.

    Find something totally binge worthy to watch, gorge on delicious food and bubbly and then switch to the fireworks at midnight and toast to yourself.


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      Another option if funds allow for it - book an air bnb somewhere nice (remote bush, isolated farm, beach shack etc), take a great book, some wine and a cheese platter and enjoy some peace and quiet. Similarly you could treat yourself and stay in a nice hotel, order room service and watch a movie.


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        Oh man all these suggestions make me want to spend New Years alone [emoji23]


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          Nice fancy takeaway and an early night. New Year’s Day get up super early and go the the beach/lookout to watch the first sunrise of the year.


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            From memory I have spent them all since I separated either with DS very low key or alone.
            I really like the, if funds allow, treating yourself. Either going somewhere for a night that will make your heart happy and content, or ordering something amazing in for dinner, buying something to drink that you really want, watching or listening to something that makes you happy.
            Depending on how you’re feeling post separation, it may be an opportunity to connect with yourself and be present with yourself just doing things that make you happy - not as a partner or mum, but as you.

            - amazing food
            - great wine / booze
            - splurge on your favourite chocolate
            - do a home pamper (bath, facial, mask, manicure and pedicure, hair mask)
            - go away and do the above somewhere else
            - get a massage
            - splurge on a new “self care” toy [emoji15][emoji6]
            - I know you said family isn’t close by but is going to them an option ?
            - buy a new book and enjoy the peace and quiet With it

            Or be vulnerable if you’re game and reach out on social media saying you’re looking for nye ideas / opportunities and see what people throw at you.


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              I’ve done it a few times
              Including last year and this year I’ll prob be home again with the kids
              Doesn’t worry me anymore
              I’ll just order some nice wine have a platter for myself and the kids for tea and go to bed normally
              Set the alarm at 1159 text Mum at 12 say happy birthday and go back to sleep


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                This will most likely be me this year too, well, with the kids in tow. I wonder if the movies will be open.


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                  Originally posted by Mum-I-Am View Post
                  Nice fancy takeaway and an early night. New Year’s Day get up super early and go the the beach/lookout to watch the first sunrise of the year.
                  I do like the idea of watching the first sun rise!

                  Im not on social media so can't reach out there 😏 I am no closer to deciding but have lots of time still. I'm sort of steering away from just ordering in food because that's how I usually treat myself every so often 😂 And I'd like to do something a little different! I appreciate all these suggestions 😊