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  • Dinner party!

    I am wanting to have a girls night at home. Was thinking dinner, yummy desserts and maybe a cocktail or three.
    I need some ideas for food. Something that can be prepped before and either quickly cooked/reheated. I want fancy foods.

    Any ideas

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    I had a girls night at home last week. We order Thai take away but made Ferrero Rocher Ice Cream for dessert. Very yummy!


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      How fancy? Do you like seafood?
      A few ideas:

      Goats cheese Bruschetta
      Lemon butter brocollini with roasted slivered almonds
      Fresh bbq scallops with lime butter ( or king prawns)
      Baked sticky salmon
      Chilli mud crab
      Pippies or mussels in chilli tomato sauce with crusty sourdough
      White chocolate creme brûlée
      Toblerone mousse
      Margarita granita


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        Oh and cocktails: Moscow mule or white peach bellinis!


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          My advice would be to pick something reasonably simple, then make it the best ever. For example (and I'm not suggesting that you have hot dogs) but I have catered heaps of events and had the ones that get the best response are simple foods like hot dogs or tacos or baked potatoes - but then had the most over the top, fancy fillings. Hot dogs could be 'pork, sourkraut and mustard' 'beef and coleslaw' or 'chicken with sweet chilli' and every type of pickle and condiment that you can think of to add. It has always gone down really well and people have never said 'we just had baked potatoes' they say 'they served baked potatoes but they had different filling you could imagine and they were awesome'.

          Tacos or mexican theme - as long as the hot fillings are good - one vego, one spicy beef, one mild prawn ... then ditto with the toppings and condiments. You can get much nicer enchalada bases than the standard el paso.

          Often people get to try different things that they've never had before. Think oysters but with five different sauces, or a soup served in little glasses with a selection of pretty garnishes on top?

          Things that people can 'build' themselves saves you heaps of time and stress dishing up and making sure that all of the plates have even quantities.

          And don't forget the cheese platter - again make it as fancy as possible and even use little signs as to what the cheese is or where they come from?

          And one last thing - can I come?


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            I think they'd love gourmet pizza with hand milled flour in the dough, complete with totally organic ingredients imported from some weird **** country. And chocolate ripple cake.

            I'm happy to skip the pizza but if you don't make chocolate ripple cake I'll be sad. I'll also stop stalking your thread so it doesn't ruin the surprise.


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              Love the baked potato idea,
              I usually have coleslaw, bacon, pineapple and sour cream with garlic butter on mine. What are some other varieties??


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                How about go for different cuisines? Creole, Hawaiian, Swedish, Italian?


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                  Originally posted by lisaandshaun View Post
                  Love the baked potato idea,
                  I usually have coleslaw, bacon, pineapple and sour cream with garlic butter on mine. What are some other varieties??
                  You could do:
                  Chilli con carne with guacamole and sour cream.
                  Creme fraiche, smoked salmon, capers, dill and cracked black pepper.
                  Pulled pork and coleslaw.
                  Buffalo mozzarella, shaved parmesan, prosciutto, fresh tomato and cracked black pepper.