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Birthday party ideas for mummy of young toddler HELP?!

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  • Birthday party ideas for mummy of young toddler HELP?!

    Need your help, ever resourceful ladies and gentlemen of BubHub land...

    DD is 2.5, my birthday is coming up rather soon (non milestone) and is love to catch up with just some close friends for a casual get together. Problem is, pretty much everyone has babies and toddlers, so it needs to be kid friendly. That said I want champagne!

    Is there such a thing as a kid friendly adults bday party that also involves some good food and a little booze? Am I asking too much??

    All ideas appreciated!

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    My friends and I (all with young kids) often have a picnic/BBQ in the bush or at a park. Bring some bubbles and yummy nibbles and the kids have a lovely play and we have a lovely catchup!


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      I've organized brunch quite often with champers, even a light picnic lunch or morning tea?

      wifey of hubby who is always away. mother of two girls who are always amusing.


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        That's how all of our parties are! We always cater for adults and kids and luckily we have a group of friends who can share a beer or champagne without going silly plus the adults eat more of the party food than the kids!

        Will you have a theme for her party? I usually base my food and games and things around a theme ( 1st birthday was pirates, 2nd was play school, 3rd was Cars and his 4th will be super heros and yes the adults have to dress up and play party games as well!)


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          Oh maybe my post wasn't very clear, the birthday girl is actually ME lol, I'll be 37. ;-)

          And I think the planets are lining up for an outdoors, picnic in the park party with some nibbles and champers, just checked the weather forecast for this weekend and it's gonna be sunny wahoo!!

          Thanks for your replies ladies, really appreciate the ideas.


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            Oh der! Well absolutely throw yourself a great party! You could do a cold/picnic food or more afternoon tea type thing - the kids will need food and you could do some cute things for them!


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              Hmm. The place I have in mind has bbqs but I'm not sure if I can be bothered with hot food, I'm thinking maybe it could be a bring-a-plate type event , where DH and I supply some drinks.

              Party games, interesting. I guess we could do some pass the parcel type stuff for the kiddies, any other ideas??


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                For the kids, I'd just take some balls and some bubble wands/blowers and they be happy! I think you could easily do a bring a plate of picnic food - sounds awesome, I love a good picnic!


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                  Yeah me too! And I guess there will be heaps of open space for the kids to run around and play, so we really needn't overthink the activities side of things .


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                    Blowing bubbles is always a winner for outside. Keeps them entertained for ages