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what to get a man that has everything?

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  • what to get a man that has everything?

    Hi I am not sure if this is the right section sorry. My partners birthday is in a few days and I need to think of a not too expensive gift for him. I would really like something baby related as we just recently found out we are expecting, but I dont want it to be too corny or girlie if you know what I mean.Please help me I have no idea any ideas very appreciated! Oh and I need to go get it by thursday thank you

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    Do you have an ultrasound yet???? Frame it for him

    Hallmark make the most adorable card...It says on the front- for the daddy to be...With a gorgeous pic.

    Get him something Daddy related


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      Hmmmm....You could maybe right him a nice poem, maybe say something about him becoming a daddy...Is that too corny???

      gees i just don't know what else you could do. Good luck with finding something!


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        Hhhhmmm, what to get the man who has everything??

        that's easy - a spare


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          Ok I found a poem but im not sure it really suits as something for his birthday, more of a fathers day thing..also how would i present it?(and bub is not born yet so it may not work)

          Here is the poem I found it on Bubhub-

          "Walk a little slower, daddy,"said a child so small.
          "I'm following in your footsteps and I don't want to fall.

          Sometimes your steps are very fast,
          Sometimes they're hard to see;
          So walk a little slower, daddy,
          For you are leading me.

          Someday when I'm all grown up,
          You're what I want to be;
          Then I will have a little child
          Who'll want to follow me

          And I want to lead just right,
          And know that I was true;
          So, walk a little slower, daddy,
          For I must follow you."

          I think it is beautiful but not too sure about using it?


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            I am terrible at writing things by myself and no we dont have an ultrasound picture yet
            I have tried goole for poems but I am not having much luck.


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              I love that poem, we used it in DS naming ceremony...

              anyway, i cant remember what occastion it was but just after i found out i was preg i got DH a baby body suit that said 'Daddys lil darling' and DH a shirt that said 'im the daddy' DS is 2 now and DH still loooves that shirt!


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                That sounds cute! I wonder where I could find one? i found another poem , what do you all think?

                God took the strength of a mountain,
                The majesty of a tree,
                The warmth of a summer sun,
                The calm of a quiet sea,
                The generous soul of nature,
                The comforting arm of night,
                The wisdom of the ages,
                The power of the eagle's flight,
                The joy of a morning in spring,
                The faith of a mustard seed,
                The patience of eternity,
                The depth of a family need,
                Then God combined these qualities,
                When there was nothing more to add,
                He knew His masterpiece was complete,
                And so, He called it ... "DAD!"


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                  I had a bit of a look and couldnt find any poems from baby to daddy, so i wrote this one.

                  There may be some parts in it that take your fancy and you could add to it to make it your own. I think it would be nice for you to write a poem yourself...It will make it more special.
                  Maybe you could buy a photo frame that takes three photos (I've seen some nice ones at The Warehouse and Crazy Clarks that are'nt too expensive)
                  You could print a poem out on some nice scrapbooking paper and place it in the middle photo space, then you could put a romantic pic of the two of you in the other photo space (black and white always looks more romantic i think)
                  Then when you have your ultrasound you could put the pic of bub on the other side.
                  I think that would be really special!

                  I'm doing something similar for my husband....It's our 8th wedding aniversary soon so i've written a poem for him and will display it with a photo of the two of us.

                  P.S I'm no poet!

                  Daddy, i am your baby,
                  So tiny yet so loved,
                  Thankyou daddy for loving mummy,
                  You created me through your love,
                  Soon we'll be together daddy,
                  You'll Hold me ever so close,
                  Protect me daddy and hold me tight,
                  I'll be safe within your arms,
                  My mummy loves you ever so much,
                  She knows you love her too,
                  She's counting down the days daddy,
                  And i know that you are too,
                  Soon daddy i know we'll meet,
                  It will be such a special day,
                  Our little family will soon be complete,
                  Just you me and mummy too,
                  Without you daddy there wouldnt be me,
                  I love you daddy i do,
                  I know that my mummy loves me,
                  And i know you love me too,


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                    Oh I love those poems. I would use them!

                    I got my husband a childrens book called "Why I love my daddy" it is adorable and was only about $13 from big W.

                    You can also get the little body suits for newborns with cute dad sayings from -cotton on kids.
                    I hope that helps.


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                      MumOf4Monsters- I am bawling my eyes out that is so beautiful!

                      Thank you everyone for the ideas I think a poem and a jumpsuit will be great! I was trying to find a shirt or jumpsuit the other day with a daddy saying on it now I know where to look


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                        [quote=34me;2134720]MumOf4Monsters- I am bawling my eyes out that is so beautiful!

                        Awww Gees, did'nt mean to make you cry
                        Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!