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Beaded/charm bracelet watch.

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  • Beaded/charm bracelet watch.

    My best friend is due to give birth next month and I would like to get her something personal.

    Since she's a very hard person to buy for, the only idea I can come up with is a beaded bracelet watch, preferably green because that is her favourite colour.

    So I've tried googling and haven't found many online stores who have anything like what I picture in my head.

    I'm wondering if anyone knows of a online store who have custom beaded or charm watches ?


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    search ebay for italian charm braclets...




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      Not sure if this is what you are after but last year for Xmas DH got me a mother's bracelet from

      I am getting another this year with DD2's name (ie another strand to add to my existing one).

      I love my bracelet and get comments on it every time i wear it!!

      Plus you can customise it to suit the colours you want for your friend ie green!!


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        I made my own bracelet at a beading class. It was so easy and so much cheaper than buying through a store.
        Although mine's not a watch I know that the shop had watch faces for people to make them.
        If you made it yourself it would have more sentimental value also.
        It only took me one class to make mine.
        Here's mine - I wanted it pretty simple with the boys' names and their birthstones...


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          Thanks guys.

          MD - Oh I like that, very nice. Where and how do you find beading classes ? They look so easy to make.


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            I can vouch for the quality of stuff from giggle'n'groove . I've got a mother's bracelet, and the girls got a name bracelet each, and they are beautiful. I get comments all the time too like Z, everyone loves them!

            Her prices may be up there a bit, but it's all heirloom quality jewellery.


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              At Micheal HIll Jewellers I seen one last week....

              It was a bracelet like a gold link one with a watch face as a charm (iykwim)


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                Originally posted by KarniF00l View Post
                Thanks guys.

                MD - Oh I like that, very nice. Where and how do you find beading classes ? They look so easy to make.
                They are so easy, like I said it only took me one class.
                I made mine at Wood 'n' Pots in Mooroolbark. Don't know if that's close to you.
                Call around stores that you know sell beads and they will most likely have classes.