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  • Baby showers :-)

    Wanted to do a poll but not sure how.
    I have a large number of guests coming and I personally feel a few bottles of pop wouldnt hurt not all of these girls know each other after all and so everyone gets a little chirpy to play games. But curious on
    Others opinions. One of the girls hosting it is rather upset that I want this and the other feels it's a great idea.
    A little alcohol at baby showers yes or no?
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    No mainly cos I know how my friends would get lol and I'm not allowed drink so he'll no


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      Definitely! I did byo booze and made mocktails for the preggos. Guess it depends on your friends and the type of shower. I wouldn't want to hold my friends back from an afternoon tipple!


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        Champas is essential at all celebrations as far as I'm concerned!


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          I've been to plenty of baby showers with champagne so I'd say yes. You can also get non alcoholic versions for those pregnant / not wanting to drink.


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            Yes!! I love a champagne and you can have a non alcoholic punch you can mix it in [emoji1]