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  • Lolly Buffer hire

    Hi Brisbane mums

    Just wanting to find out if anyone would be interested in Lolly buffet hire for events such as baby showers, weddings, birthdays, engagements etc.
    I love lolly buffet's that are designed well and is something I would love to do however I don't want to spend hundreds on the outlay if it is something that won't be worthwhile and isn't something people would use.
    Would love to hear feedback - services would include delivery and pick up for free within 20km of Paddington. Would service the Brisbane, Ipswich, Caboolture and Logan regions. Hire of just the glassware or could do the full buffet from start to finish for an extra cost.

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    There are already quite a few similiar businesses in Brisbane and many service the Gold Coast/Sunshine Coast as well. I think to be successful (because there are so many already) you would need to offer something different or harder to find iykwim?


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      I have so far only found 4 that service Brisbane one of those charges for delivery and one only offers free delivery within 15 or 25 (can't remember which) of North Lakes. I was going to have a cheaper price point, free delivery and the ability to extend hire by 1-3 days for a price less than a normal day rate.
      Thank you for your feed back


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        I think you're probably going to be a bit late in the trend and there would already be established businesses. From what I have seen with my friend's business, it really isn't worth doing and the trend will probably pass soon.

        If you're set on it though, you really need to get creative and offer more. Maybe doing a sundae stall, popcorn machine, dessert bar etc.


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          No worries
          I can think of quite a few off the top of my head, just from events i have attended in the last 12 months, keep in mind that many businesses that cater for the wedding and corporate market will also offer lolly buffet type hire as do lots of event type businesses, I think word of mouth is key.
          Good luck with it all


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            Yeah I was thinking corporate but also for kids parties to do 'fruit buffet' rather lollies. It may be better to give it a miss though I will keep looking in to it and make a decision at some point shortly