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Gift for christening??

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  • Gift for christening??

    We are going to a close friends sons christening in a couple of weeks and i have no idea what to give as a gift. We are not religious and haven't been to one before. Any ideas much appreciated!! Thanks in advance!

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    how much do you want to spend? I recently got my nephew a set of cufflinks engraved with his initials. Absolutely not my thing at all, but something i knew his parents would adore (they are all about presents that are learning opportunities or keepsakes. Totally nailed it in the keepsake department, his parents loved them).

    Another nephew I got a lovely silver photo frame and had it engraved with his first name. I decided not to put christening or the date or anything on it so that they could use it for any photo. It did take a little while to find a silver frame that could be engraved as some frames are only silver coated.

    And the first nephew to be christened got a pewter money box, I think from memory it was a soccer ball, and yes, you guessed it, I also had his name engraved on that.

    I'm feeling bad now though, because i have four nephews and one was christened interstate and I didnt go and didnt get him anything either....oops.
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      Nothing pewter. They will get a gazillion other tacky pewter things, they don't need another.

      My failsafe gift for a baby is a nice classic book set. Beatrix Potter, Mem Fox, May Gibbs etc.

      Depending on how much you want to spend, my favourite gift for my boys was a beautiful marble chess set. Favourite gift I got for a friends boy was an antique looking globe of the world.


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        as a christening is essentially a baby's introduction to religion/a faith, I think a gift with a slight religious flavour is appropriate. a little gold or silver crucifix or something. for our niece, we got a lovely wooden cross painted in bright colours and designs by El Salvadorian families. I thought that was cute and occasion-appropriate. you could always get a small religious trinket and then more of a timeless keep sake (love the cuff links idea above).


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          A nice thoughtful gift DS received for his christening was a really lovely (children's) book with a special message written inside the cover. It is one of the only useful gifts he was given, and one that doubles as a keepsake. Nicely illustrated religious books are also great (and appropriate) but I think a really lovely children's book is fine too.

          Just don't get one of those milestone photo frame things (big frame with a picture hole for every month etc). We got given 3 of them (!) and honestly never used one...


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            We received things like beautiful book sets, Peter Rabbit/Bunnikins cups, plates and saucers, nothing pewter!
            I tend to buy books.


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              oh yes, forgot the bunnykins! I grew up with that and I think it's a lovely keepsake for kids to grow up with as well. books are also great too.

              agree with all the PPs too, pewter is vom!


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                DO NOT get a photo frame with 'christening' on it or anything with christening on it unless you are the godparents! Both DS & DD have several from their baptisms, also money boxes, both have quite a few!

                I think some lovely books are great, maybe a nice set like Beatrix Potter or for a little boy, the hairy maclarey set.

                You're gift doesn't have to be religious, the god parents/ religious relies will take care of that!


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                  A nice towel embroidered with their name. Nice, useful


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                    Gift for christening??

                    I'm not sure if this is the type of thing your friends would like but we are Muslim and when we had our equivalent of a Christening for our DD friends of ours got a lovely frame for her wall with scripture written on it, in really bright colours. It's very unique and we loved it. This is a similar picture of what we got:
                    ImageUploadedByThe Bub Hub1444047848.506480.jpg

                    I had a look on Etsy for something similar in a Christian theme and found this:
                    ImageUploadedByThe Bub Hub1444047609.555139.jpg

                    It might be too religious for some though but it's something different and unique.

                    *sorry the picture quality isn't great


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                      Thanks everyone, some really good ideas there. I'm sure family will buy all the keepsake kinda stuff, so I'm thinking I'll get a set of story books.