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Naming ceremony - who's had one?

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  • Naming ceremony - who's had one?

    We want to have a naming ceremony (non - religious) for ds. Just interested to hear from people who have had one - where did you have it? Did you have it at home or hire a venue? How formal was it? We will be getting a celebrant but we are thinking of making it pretty informal. Did you nominate some version of god parents?

    Did you do anything symbolic? Im keen to do something but dont want it to be tacky. I like the idea of having the guests write their wish for ds on a card which we keep for him.

    Also what is the best way to make it clear to the guests that they dont need to bring gifts? We'd just like them to join us for the occasion.

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    My grandson just had his Naming day in Nov, it was lovely.. It was held in in my DIL's grandmas back yard and it was an afternoon tea.. it was very informal but he has 3 god mums who were part of the service.. The celebrant read a blessing and each god mum said something brief- 1 read a poem, 2 wrote from their hearts and told him what they hoped for his future. It was so lovely.

    My DIL got a big canvas from the cheap shops and everyone wrote something on there to my Grandson... it looked great when it was finished and will hang in his room..

    they served a basic arvo tea which was more than plentiful and had a cake.

    As his grandma I set up a bank account for him and his great grandparents ( my parents) put money in it as well.... Im not sure if he got other gifts from anyone else, i didnt see any...

    Maybe on the invite you could say Your prescence is present enough...

    Good luck and i hope your day goes well


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      Naming ceremony - who's had one?

      We just had our DS last month.
      We wanted it pretty informal too but I have a massive family so we hired a scout hall (like $150 for the entire day).
      We decided not to get a celebrant because it's just too formal for us. I got my aunty (who's very boisterous) to do a brief script where we said a few words and nominated our version of godparents. We still called them godparents.
      I made certificates and got the godparents to sign them as well as us and just cut the cake after that.
      We had a box with writing on it "wishes for DS" (obviously we used his actual name) and little pieces of paper people could write on. Also for the guest book we just had a children's book with enough space on the pages for everyone. We also had some tea lights people could light.
      We didn't ask for no gifts (as we knew people would bring them anyway) but if you are doing invites I would just put a line on there how your bub has everything he could want in life so please bring your presence and not your presents .. Or something along those lines.
      We also had a piece of cardboard with a photo of DF as a baby and myself as a baby and people could mark who they thought DS looked more like. Pinterest is really great for this kind of thing.

      Food and drink wise we just had open sandwiches, cake, cupcakes and fruit

      ETA just saw that PP said the same thing about guests not bringing presents!
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