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  • Baptism/Christening gifts

    I'm curious to know what people think are good and/or suitable baptism gifts these days?
    Do you like to go traditional, or modern and unique?

    Both presents from godparents, and presents from guests.

    Let me know! I'm at a loss and am in both situations soon

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    I've only been to a few and I've usually bought a nice book for the child, or a special teddy. I know one friend's child got given so many money boxes, so I usually avoid that.


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      We purchased my god daughter a beautiful Tiffanys necklace for her Christening. I wanted to get something that could be kept for years and would not necessarily 'date' as time went on.


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        We usually give:
        -Silver/ metal money box
        -Keepsake cutlery
        -pewter/metal cup or egg cup
        -silver brush and comb set
        -silver photo frame
        -metal certificate holder
        -metal first tooth/curl box

        Depends on who they are and how close we are to them to what we give.

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          Went to a christening last weekend. We gave a rosary in a special box and a teddy.


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            Close family or friends we buy a star in the name of the child ( star or a Tiffany letter charm
            or Jan Logan has some really cute baby bracelets for $50


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              Things we have given and received are

              Jewellery - bracelet or necklace and cross
              Silver rattle (engraved)
              Bible/bible stories
              Rosary Beads
              Peter Rabbit plate set
              Keepsake figurine (Beatrix Potter characters)


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                These are the things I have given through the years:

                Crucifix on a chain
                Rosary in a box
                Rosary bracelet
                children's Bible
                Crystal Cross

                We have received:

                Christening photo album
                silver frame
                Silver cutlery set
                copper drink cup
                children's book of prayers
                silver money box, rocking horse, document holder
                bracelet with child's name engraved on it


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                  Don't buy- anything pewter (eg money boxes, photo frames, certificate holders, jewelery boxes, tooth/curl boxes), cutesy ceramic bowl/cup/spoons, Peter Rabbit etc stuff unless it's practical like clothing.

                  I got soooooooooo much of all that stuff, and you just can't keep it all, so it just goes to waste.


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                    Thanks to all that have replied so far! Any further input will be appreciated also if anyone else wants to give advice.

                    Gosh, boys are hard to buy for!