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Advice on naming day date dilemma

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  • Advice on naming day date dilemma

    Hello everyone,
    Am wanting to please grab some parenting advice on a little situation that has arose while organising our babies naming day ceremony.

    After a busy few months after bubs birth my husband and I decided to do a joint Naming Day Ceremony/First Birthday Celebration for our precious little. We had been to a few before which seemed lovely and also rather practical. So earlier this year guardians (godparents) were asked and plans were put in place for the celebration on bub's birthday which conveniently falls on a Saturday.

    We have two guardians, my brother and DH sister and my brother has just had an amazing and unexpected job opportunity arise in the US which would have him leaving Australia at the end of November. Bubs birthday is mid December.

    I am very close to my brother and he adores bub, hence the dilemma of when to have the celebration as it is obviously a bit awkward having a naming day without a guardian.

    So our options are:
    -To organise a separate naming day for the end of October (bub will be 10months old) and have smaller birthday celebration on bubs birthday.Not sure if it might be a bit unusual having a naming day celebration so long after bub was born.

    -Still have the planned combined celebration but push the date forward to just before my brother leaves which is three -four weeks before bubs birthday. I think this seems the most practical however have concerns it is a bit too in advance for a birthday celebration and may seem a little weird.

    -Do you think 10months is too old to do a naming day?

    -How far in advance before the actual birthday is too early to have a birthday party?

    -& which option would you chose (or any other suggestions) if you were or have been in a similar situation?

    Thanks in advance for your comments and taking the time to respond

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    I'd push the naming day forward & have it before your brother leaves. I don't think it's too early for a combined naming day/ birthday party- although you could always have a birthday party closer to the actual time as well if there are people you wanted to invite to that but not to the naming day.


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      In a situation like that, it is totally understandable to bring it all forward by 3-4 weeks. That is what I would do.


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        Maybe do a big celebration now and a smaller family celebration on her actual birthday?