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Pressie ideas 8 yr old boy

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  • Pressie ideas 8 yr old boy

    Any birthday present ideas for an 8 yr old boy???? Want to spend no more than $20.

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    Does he like reading? You could try -
    Harry Potter
    Lemony Snickett
    Ask a book retailer whats the newest "in stuff is.
    Roald Dahl

    - Does he have a pool or go to the beach?You could get a pool toy or a foam boogyboard.

    - Does he have an Ipod? You could buy a $20 I tunes voucher or a CD for his collection (if he has one)

    -If he likes labels in the surf shop you could get a cap/hat/ pencil case/ cooler bag for school/wallet/havinannas thongs

    - A new DVD that has just come out from Big W/Target.

    - Does he like painting/drawing. A really nice set of pencils/paints and a sketch pad/cheap canvas.

    - Is into Footy? Maybe some footy parehnaila such as singlets. shoes etc. I know Kmart does it.

    Hope this helps.Goodluck


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      magnoz men 6 pack $19.95 Safeway - they're really hot atm


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          My 8 yr old is footy mad atm Do u know what he is into??? those magnos men are really good Lego is always a goer as all boys have a lego collection A ball like soccer football basketball etc... Handballs are also great you can get these for about three dollars each at sports stores my son loves this game and has a few in different colours


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            my cousins (8, 10,13) all just love getting the cash in a card ( i only give $10)...not very "presenty" i know but then they get to put it towards whatever hugely expensive item they really


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              Originally posted by KayteO View Post
              magnoz men 6 pack $19.95 Safeway - they're really hot atm
              they are the "In" thing apparently

              Does he like drawing? Maybe a nice sketchpad and some pencils
              board game of some sort
              something for his room
              ps2 game - big w has them really cheap
              totem tennis, always fun for outside
              cricket bat
              worst comes to worst get him a cool t shirt or two