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Party game prizes for 5 year olds

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  • Party game prizes for 5 year olds

    I'm planning a few party games for ds's 5th birthday party. I plan to do pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey (not actual donkey but related to party theme) and tug of war.

    But I'm stuck on what prizes to give. I'd like something small for the winning team of tug of war and for the person who gets closest with pin the tail. What kind of prizes do you like or don't like at parties? Any ideas for pass the parcel?

    Also I'm not planning on party bags but would like to give something out as a thank you for coming. Ideas?

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    Kmart have a lot of cute novelty stationary that is cheap. Shaped crayons, erasers etc. maybe get a selection of stuff and let the winner pick?

    For me I hate it when DSS comes home with bouncy balls, sticky things, lollies and anything that makes noise. Anything outside of that is fine in my view.


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      What’s your theme?


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        Play dough
        Novelty rubbers
        Gel pens
        Rainbow note paper
        Bubble wand
        Pencil case
        Mini LEGO pack


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          Originally posted by Elijahs Mum View Post
          What’s your theme?


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            Great ideas so far. Thank you! Keep them coming.


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              If you have LEGO as a theme, what about those single pack LEGO characters? I know my local toy works has them and they are about $5 each I think. So could be prizes and/or thank you gift?


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                Thanks everyone. Unfortunately [MENTION=42475]Californication[/MENTION] the shops near us didn't have the single packs. If I was more organised ahead of time I would have tried to search around a bit more for those or ordered online.

                Instead, main pass the parcel present is lego with stationery between layers. Plus I have a box of assorted prizes from Kmart for kids to pick from for the other games such as matchbox cars, puzzles, novelty toys.