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  • home bday party

    Hi, my son is having his 6 year old party at home this weekend, he has invited his whole class so there is at least 24 kids coming and then we have siblings to, so many people. CRIKEY am i mad? so we are going to have fair few at our house. its only for 2hrs.. has anyone had a party this size and how did it go.. i am thinking of mayb doing some sort of treasure hunt,, but not sure where to start, i cannot afford any entertainment to come in? anyone ideas

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    home bday party

    Kick them all outside!! Hopefully you have nice weather.

    Have you got enough space to do the donut game? (Hang donuts from clothesline with string, hands behind the back whoever finishes their donut first wins)

    A treasure hunt is a good idea. Or an obstacle course even. Musical statues? (2 or 3 or 4 out at a time)

    I wouldn't do games that require too much structure / one at a time things with that many kids. They'll get bored waiting for a turn.

    Good luck!!


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      i would have done it a the local park to be honest, with that many people.. maybe do ball games?


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        home bday party

        I recently did DS1s 5th party at home have they all RSVP? I invited the whole class with the aim of having 8-10 of the show up which is what happened. Our party went for 2 hours and we just played pass the parcel and we did a piƱata with just toys and a few lolly pops, other than those I limited the sugar to the cake and some watered down cordial (and the lolly bags which they took home).

        My advice is to just limit the sugar, they will be excited enough!


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          so far 20 have replied, we have large property so hoping that they can be outside the whole time.. didnt want to go to park, thought would be easier at home for food etc. can do a bbq , thought about the donut game and i am plannin on having limited sugar


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            keep them out of the house as much as possible. shut all doors except toilet. we used our garage for the party instead, which luckily opens to the back yard.
            I would set up a few different activities, rather than expect that many to play the same game. enlist a few grown up helpers. I put our lego and cars out on a mat for non party gamers to play with. treasure hunt. like the obstacle course idea too. chalk to draw on your concrete? maybe get some jelli baff (??) stuff to make slime and put objects in there. put a sheet over the clothesline and make a fort/cubby. if you are up for it, cupcake decorating with lots of different sprinkles/colours etc.


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              For that number of kids, I'd suggest separate activity stations. They can move around and do what they're interested in OR have a set time for each activity. You could also run a couple of games - think the kind of things kids do as a class at school (eg. heads down thumbs up, duck duck goose etc.).
              Good luck!


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                I have had all my DS1 and DS2's parties at home over the last 5 years. Things that have worked for me are: cooking all food in advance so it is quick and easy to dish up for the kids (if you are having a big table with a seat for each child, you can dish it out onto each plate, everything from dips, min sausages, sandwiches, fairy bread etc). Icecream cones are great- it gives the kids a focus and all of them are happy to line up for an icecream cone with some spinkles! Coloured hairspray is another hit- pink, blue, glitter etc- from $2 shops- again, boys and girls love this and it gives a focus. Trays of mini bubble blowers- from Coles. Treasure hunt is good too. It might help to nominate a person to conduct each activity if you can eg: food, hair, ice creams, rubbish collection etc so you don't get lost doing it all! I also use a big drink dispensor so kids can help themselves to drinks. Have a great time!


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                  omg, all are coming who are invited, now just to get all food organised, hope we get some nice qld weather..


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                    I just did one for that many at home.

                    Have some games sorted for the kids - egg and spoon, three legged race, pinata, bubble blowing station etc. Ask another mum or dad to help with the games!

                    We did a sausage sizzle on the bbq, fruit platters, popcorn in cups and fairy bread. Cake with cupcakes at the end.

                    I kept things outside, locked off areas that I didnt want accessed and put polite no entry signs on doors etc. (stock up the loo with loo paper and have a mop handy)

                    We had a GREAT day! Make sure you hand your camera to someone to take pics!


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                      Re: home bday party

                      How did it go??