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    Isabelles Mum, have a look at the link below. You will need to scroll down a bit!




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      Mum2Jacob~ thanks for that! They have so many cool ideas! DD is going to have a very duckie party!


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        MMmmmmmmmm sugar!! I had so much fun making cakes for my DD's 1st and 2nd Birthdays, and the recent joint christening of both my little ones. It might be shameless bragging but here goes.

        Christening Cake - This cake was for my 2 yo DD and baby DS's joint christening day in feb2006. It's meant to be them on the top. I made everything but the flowers (they were a keepsake from our wedding cake 7 years before). The cake is white chocolate mud and raspberry filling.

        2nd Birthday Cake - DD is an obsessed Pooh bear fan but most of the guests were adults sooooo........The cake and 12 matching cupcakes are chocolate sponge with vanilla filling.

        I am currently trying to figure out what to do for DD's 3rd Birthday in 2 and a bit weeks. MMmmmmmmm more sugar!!


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          Hey Suby....Here's a pic of my cake that I copied from you....Thanks for the inspiration xx


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            Originally posted by subaruforestermum View Post
            Only way I could find to do it.....there are 3 photos....I designed and made the cake with a little help from my sister....worked out well....
            HOW??? How did you do it?

            It looks so good. Please share!


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              Heya Mummies..

              Thought i'd come and share my final result!!

              I tried the wedding cake icing- white orchard icing- and everyone hated it. (Some people rolled it into balls and threw it at each other). So i decided to go the homemade look because then it would taste better and i wouldn't get offended because people didn't like the icing.

              The cake went down like a treat on the day...awesome mud cake recipe too.

              Here tis..

              ** go to my next post for the links**

              I had a '1' donut cake underneath the balloons. Just don't have a picture of the whole cake together just yet.

              Mrs Little & Son.
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                Mrs Little - Your links aren't working.

                Mum2Jacob Thanx for the Coolest Kid Rubber Ducky Birthday Cake Designs link! I'll deffinatly be using it for Ducky's 1st birthday


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                  Originally posted by Mrs Little View Post


                  I had a '1' donut cake underneath the balloons. Just don't have a picture of the whole cake together just yet.

                  Mrs Little & Son.
                  That looks great! There are some talented mummies in here!


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                    Opps...i'm still trying to get the hang of photobucket!

                    Try again:

                    Photo 1:

                    Photo 2:

                    This is a Father's Day cake that i made too:

                    Hope that works.

                    Mrs Little & Son.


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                      Originally posted by Cupcake View Post
                      Easy I will email you a pic of the one I did
                      Hey Nikki
                      can you please email me a pic too?
                      I was hoping to make dakota a number 1 cake for her bday
                      I love the number 2 cake you have made it looks great
                      I would love to make one very simular can you tell me how you made it?
                      I havent ever really made a cake, where do you get the baking tray from
                      to make the shape of a 1 ?
                      This is a great thread ...hope I can learn how to make DD's cake


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                        these are a few i can find pics of....

                        the dog from THE SIMPSONS


                        CARE BEAR


                        a fish in water
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                          i found some more ive done...

                          bart simpson


                          thomas the tank engine



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                            i think there was a similar thread somewhere, i just can't find it. anyway, i thought i would add mine too. i didn't realise you could buy pre-made icing, i slaved over this one:

                            this was owen's first birthday cake

                            not sure how well you can see it but its a blue elephant, it was a great hit. i think for DS's next birthday i might make a train. i found that the library had some great cake decorating books so thats an idea for those stuck for ideas!


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                              Originally posted by Owen's_mum View Post
                              i think there was a similar thread somewhere, i just can't find it. anyway, i thought i would add mine too.
                              Hi owens is the link to the other thread similar to was started on the 27/09/2006.....


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                                Not sure how to post a link to a photo.... so here's an attempt. If it doesn't work can someone please tell me how to do it. Thanks in advance.

                                Inspiring ideas in this thread. I was actually thinking of a balloon theme for DS 1st birthday also. I ended up making with a lion because he was obsessed with making grrr sounds like a lion at the time. He also has a lion cuddly toy that he adores. It was supposed to be based on the Madagascar lion but everyone said it was more like the paddle pop lion.

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