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  • Birthday Cakes

    Ok not sure if this will work, but thought I'd start this post to give other mummies, ideas for birthday cakes for their kids birthdays.....

    Only way I could find to do it.....there are 3 photos....I designed and made the cake with a little help from my sister....worked out well....

    Anyone can add links to their pics, and discuss on techniques or whatever...........have a yummy time looking....hahaha
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    OMG all you mummy's put me to shame with the birthday cakes wow i have two months to come up with something super for number 2 now

    that is awesome SUBBYYYYYYYYY


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      wow that is one awesome cake!


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        Awesome cake! I'm hoping to make a Number 1 for DS's birthday, bit worried at how its going to turn out lol!


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          great cake!!

          I have found a great cake book...its great for very basic to very elaborate...and a huge range of options

          women's weekly KIDS party cakes

          I put this link in, just to show you what the cover looks can be bought at most newsagents for $24.95 (worth every penny)


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            wow thats a great cake. Here is a good site i found when i was thinking about ds 5th bday but i have decided to do it the easy way and get a wendys ice cream cake.


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              thats an awesome cake.

              [text deleted by moderator] i love making cakes and am soooooo looking forward to making bday cakes for DS.

              i am the cake maker in my family. my nephew recently asked me if i would make his 6th birthday cake for him. he loved it.
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                Thats an awesome cake!!!!!


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                  What an awesome cake, SFM!!! Well done!

                  I was really slack on the weekend (DD's birthday) and just ordered a slab chocolate sponge cake from Woolies for $22 - they decorated it with strawberries, jam and cream. Great value I thought (around the size of an A4 sheet of paper) - and yummy!

                  If I was creative I'd make my own, but sometimes it's waaaay too hard and can't find enough time!


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                    Nice cake
                    I love making B'day cakes, I offer to do everyones & anyones that metions a B'day My DD is 2 in 10 days so I have a great idea for that.
                    I will post some of my pics when I have more time.


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                      Originally posted by Mum2Jacob View Post
                      Awesome cake! I'm hoping to make a Number 1 for DS's birthday, bit worried at how its going to turn out lol!
                      Easy I will email you a pic of the one I did


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                        Wow...Thats a cool cake sbf....I might have to pinch your idea...It looks quite easy for me who is the worlds worse cook !!


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                          Thanks ladies, I made a trial cake, on a smaller scale a week before hand so I knew how it would work out, and perfect any errors or mistakes I made........

                          Was so stressed it wasn't going to work, but did

                          Keep posting ideas ladies, cos I'm sure that there are lots like me, who at first are stuck for ideas........


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                            That cake is soo cool...and a bit freaky too- i'm doing a balloon cake for DS 1st b'day at the end of Sept.

                            We're having a balloon theme. I've had balloon magnetic invites made, and arranged for lots of balloon decorations. I am planning on having a balloon cake- i've done a trial of the actual cake itself- a mud cake. I plan on having 3 balloons and they will all be holding a number 1 cake (which is a pre-made donut cake from donut king).

                            Subaruforestermum- how did you make your icing? How did you make the stars? How did u make the lettering for happy birthday?

                            Well done!!

                            Mrs Little & Son.


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                              How hard is it to make that icing subaruforestermum?

                              mrs Little & Son.