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Organising a 30th Party

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  • Organising a 30th Party

    I am organising a 30th birthday party for my DP first weekend in November. I have sent the invites now I just need to organise everything else so here is my list,

    Plastic plates/serviettes/cups

    So I need suggestions for food and decorations and anything I've missed???

    Thanks for the help

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    My DH was 30 on Saturday and we had a great party.

    For food we ordered platters from the deli section at Coles, they were all made up with meat, cheese, olives etc and we just picked them up a couple of hours before the party. We also had chicken wings, sausage rolls and pies, just stuff I could put on oven trays and heat up in 20 minutes or so. EASY. Then we had a bbq, we bought a whole heap of sausages, some steaks and made up potato salad, bought a coleslaw. You know what guys are like, they all think they're the bbq king so we had no shortage of helpers.

    Also, this was the best thing, we hired a mechanical bull. it was so much fun. Eveyone loved it, kids included. They just came and set it up in the backyard. Yee haa!