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Step by Step guide to CC

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  • Step by Step guide to CC

    I was doing some research on Controlled Comforting & came accross a site which has a step by step guide.

    Hope some of you can get some relief

    From raisingchildren.
    Controlled comforting (sometimes called ‘controlled crying’) is a behaviour management strategy for dealing with persistent settling and waking problems in young children.

    The idea behind the strategy is to help children learn how to settle themselves to sleep, rather than parents feeding, patting or cuddling them to sleep. It’s not the only strategy parents have used.

    Controlled comforting involves brief checking and reassurance of your baby while he is learning to settle.

    Parents dealing with sleep and settling problems can become very tired and stressed, particularly if they are loosing sleep themselves. Controlled comforting is sometimes tried by parents who feel overwhelmed or that their wellbeing may be suffering.

    Controlled comforting should only be used:
    -with babies older than six months and less than two years
    -as part of a total program for establishing healthy sleep patterns that includes a positive bedtime routine
    -when you are confident your baby is getting lots of attention, time and affection during the day.

    How to implement controlled comforting
    -Establish a consistent bedtime routine (see Positive bedtime routines).
    -When it's time to say goodnight, put your baby in his cot and tuck him in. Either talk to and/or pat your baby until he is quiet, or for one minute.
    -As soon as your baby is quiet, or after one minute, say goodnight and leave the room. Leave before your baby is asleep.
    -Stay out of the bedroom and give your baby a chance to settle by himself. Ignore grizzling.
    -If your baby starts to really cry, wait for the set amount of time before going back to your baby (e.g. two minutes at first).
    -Leave your baby for a sequence of set time intervals (e.g. 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 minutes, or 5, 10 and 15 minutes). Set your own intervals of time based on how long you think you can manage.
    -After each time interval has passed, return briefly to your baby if he is still crying. Talk to your baby or pat him for one minute, or continue talking or patting until he is quiet (depending on your preference). Try to soothe him without picking him up if you can.
    -Keep an eye on his nappy. If it is soiled, change him under low light and with minimal fuss.
    -As soon as he is quiet (or after one minute), but before he is asleep, leave the room again and wait for the next set time interval. What you are trying to do here is give him the opportunity to learn to go to sleep by himself.
    -This process is continued until your baby falls asleep by himself.
    -When your baby wakes overnight, follow the same routine.

    Some other important points about controlled comforting
    -Controlled comforting takes between three and 14 days to work.
    -Use a clock to time intervals; four minutes can seem like a very long time.
    -Turn off all baby monitors.
    -Don’t wait outside the baby’s bedroom. Go into another room. Distract yourself. Make a cup of tea and turn on the TV. Only go back to check the baby when the set time is up.
    -Talk to your partner first to make sure that you both agree with what is going on. Work out what role each of you will play (e.g. helping with resettling, timing the intervals). Consider taking turns each night.
    -Avoid important commitments for the first few days after you commence controlled comforting. You need to be able to see it through without a major change to the baby’s routine.
    -Remember, leave the baby’s room before he falls asleep.

    What if parents have had enough?
    If you are too tired, or feeling too distressed or upset, pick up your baby, calm him in any way you wish (e.g. small drink, cuddle) and try again next time.

    What if your baby is unwell?
    If your baby is unwell, controlled comforting should be stopped and re-started when he is better again. If he has a slight runny nose and cough but no fever, controlled comforting can still be used if you are happy to do so.

    What if the baby is in pain?
    Many parents are concerned about teething causing pain. If you pick up your baby and he settles almost immediately, it is very unlikely that he was in pain. He just wanted to be picked up. You can give paracetamol (Panadol) if you are concerned. Paracetamol takes about 20 minutes to work, so babies who settle after that may have been in pain. If you have persistent concerns about your baby being in pain, talk to your doctor.
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    I came across that site today and started CC at DD's first nap. It took an hour but for the first time in 10 months she went to sleep without a bottle! I am so happy!


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      yes i love this site it's helped out so much good on you Rainbowbrite 4 posting it asa sticky.


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        I know this thread was written ages ago but thankyou muchly for sharing!! Very informative


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          Thanks for bumping it!!! I had forgotten I posted this info. Just what I need atm


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            I am so happy to have found this site - Im also a member on a few other sites and boy does CC get some mums damn angry
            Our daughter is 6 months old - we just started CC as she is keeping everyone awake - our son is in with me now ( nearly 4 ) as he was getting very very broken sleep - hubby on the sofa as he snores - so daughter has the run of the house - Its going OK but not too well - she has been sick this week with croup though so all CC has stopped - Im exhausted - shattered - so tired

            so i hope to read alot on here when I can & learn & help our little sleep deprived home



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              We used to self settle quite well and then the past 2 1/2 months has been sick and teething real bad with the twins but am starting again tonight. So far I have one down and the other crying. I was wandering if any other parents to multiples or babies close together in age have any tips as the twins share rooms.



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                I cc my 2 oldest and will fo so for Aaron once he's old enough.

                Lukcily my 2 took to it so well. It took 5 mins for 2 naps with my daughter. I started at min intervals. my son was a little longer i think a day. Fingers crossed Aaron is as easy.

                ATM hes 4 wks (sat) and hates his cot. WE can manage to get him to sleep there occasionaly. But theres lots of rocking eg an hr or so of settling and putting him in. WHen he cries picking him up. Each time we try. So generally hes in bed with us. Well me lol, i wont allow him to be in bed with us unless someone is holding him too scared of one of us rolling over, and he wont sleep in hubbys arms.


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                  well things havent changed too much I guess I have just stopped freaking out as have other things on our minds as our DS is very ill with a cough that wont go away - many trips to the GP - many different drugs - and he isnt well -
                  Amy is still waking through the night - for example last night fed at 9am - good - but then woke at 1am & was awake for an HOUR and started to get very upset & loud so I fed her as she was waking up DS who was in bed with me & he seriously needs sleep so U know its hard - even after I fed Amy she was still awake & then finally fell back asleep til 5.30am
                  I have had some good nights when she will feed at like 10pm & then go through til 5am but not many - My GP has told me to get on with the CC & just do it & within a week she will be sorted but she has also been sick with croup and i find it terribly hard to let her cry for 5 secs when she isnt well
                  Anyway - i have been recommened that book by DR green on BABIES - will give that a read.
                  I dont know when on earth DS will get back into his room but he seems ok with it -
                  anyway XX


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                    it's different when they are sick or even have nightmares. my bub has the odd screaming fit in his sleep but i always go in to soothe him.

                    i must be the sleep nazi, i started cc at 5 weeks old with my aunty helping who is a baby health nurse/sleep school owner. well it worked great for us and our baby anyway.

                    when he's sick though i always go straight in, he just takes some time getting back to normal once he's over it.


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                      i've just started CC on ds 4.5 mths to get his dummy off him. he's down to crying onand off for only 15minutes and we're just on day 3. my problem is when he wakes at night about 4-5am. he screams so loud like a pain scream. i don't want to leave him to cry as he might wake up dd19mth who is right across the hallway from him. what do i do???


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                        We sorta started control crying about 5ish months.... we are living with my MIL and family so I wasnt doing it properly picking her up and putting her back down ... I hate when she cries, they always seem to want to check up on me when she is crying.
                        They went out one night and i let her cry it out ... BEST THING I EVER DID. .... She has gone down sooo much easier from just one night of letting her cry it out .... there were a few more nights of crying and still one every now and then... but soo much easier and less stressful now that she goes to bed without me.


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                          Originally posted by PrestonPie View Post

                          i must be the sleep nazi, i started cc at 5 weeks old

                          I done the same with my babies, it was hard sometimes but we got through it. now when i put them to bed they go to sleep straight away.

                          I know that they are in pain if they dont go to sleep.

                          I think that CC really works, but it has to be done right.


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                            Originally posted by musicalmummy View Post
                            i've just started CC on ds 4.5 mths to get his dummy off him. he's down to crying onand off for only 15minutes and we're just on day 3. my problem is when he wakes at night about 4-5am. he screams so loud like a pain scream. i don't want to leave him to cry as he might wake up dd19mth who is right across the hallway from him. what do i do???

                            When my DD crys at night ime is still go in and comfort settle. patting the bottom etc. I check to see her nappy and if i think she is in pain i give her SM33 gel and panadol. I persist with the CS and if DS wakes i go in and comfort him saying to him " it's ok she is just tired and trying to sleep. more sleep honey, good boy love you." then I CS for another 20 minutes. If she hasn't settled by then then it wasn't her teeth. as your DS is only 4.5 months he might be hungry. I don't like to feed during the night either as I don't like them forming a habbit. But they say that a child under the age of 6 months might wake up during the night for a feed. So I fed her till she was 6 months then CS after that.

                            I hope that made sense.


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                              I know this thread is a bit old, but so far, it has been v helpful.

                              I haven't started CC yet. DS does go 'down' very well at every sleep, and has 3 naps per day (yes, I know he should be down to 2 naps by now, but I am tackling one hurdle at a time!) but keeping him asleep at night is our problem.

                              Question to you all.... what do I do with a 6 month old who is VERY active in his sleep. He is in a sleeping bag, but he still ends up turning 180 degrees, arms hanging out the side of the cot, sleeping at the foot etc etc.....

                              The night before hubby and I were out of bed to him 10 times between us!!

                              Do I just use the CC tecnhiques the same as I would if I had just put him down??

                              Thanks in advance