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    Originally posted by BelleBird View Post
    I know this thread is a bit old, but so far, it has been v helpful.

    I haven't started CC yet. DS does go 'down' very well at every sleep, and has 3 naps per day (yes, I know he should be down to 2 naps by now, but I am tackling one hurdle at a time!) but keeping him asleep at night is our problem.

    Question to you all.... what do I do with a 6 month old who is VERY active in his sleep. He is in a sleeping bag, but he still ends up turning 180 degrees, arms hanging out the side of the cot, sleeping at the foot etc etc.....

    The night before hubby and I were out of bed to him 10 times between us!!

    Do I just use the CC tecnhiques the same as I would if I had just put him down??

    Thanks in advance
    *ducks for cover* ... I used a cot bumper.... DD could roll around obviously and used to wake up smacking into the sides of the cot as soon as i put it on she stoped waking up.

    What are you doing now to get him back to sleep???....I used to use CC to get her to bed but through the night I used to give a breast feed and she would be only half awake anyways would be back to sleep in couple mins.


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      any cc info and strategies?

      its so hard to do this cause the only thing i have found is the raising children site anyone else have any other sites or good books dedicated to cc?


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        This thread has been useful to me. My daughter wakes up about once a night for a feed but I want to cut it out in the next few weeks as she is 6 months old. Tried dream feed at 11:30 but she did't sleep much longer till 2:30.

        Belle, I purchased a wedge thing which goes either side of their shoulders so they can't roll around. It is SIDS approved or says so on the box. Message me if you're interested.

        Good luck ladies listening to crying isn't easy but 10 minutes later when they're asleep it's all worth it


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          I strongly recommend 'Sleeping through the night by Dr Mendall' (I think the authors name is right, I have loaned the book to someone at the moment.

          I read a few things on CC but the book above was the only book that really made me understand why and what was happening and gave a good explaination of what to do. Many a CHN said I must stay in the room but that just wasn't working for me. I have had great success with night time sleeping but now just need to work on getting DD to self settle for day naps

          If she wakes during the night, I just go in lay her back down, stroke her hair, and calm her as best I can then leave, she usually just screams because I have just left the room but then soon calms down, if she doesn't I will get her up and hold her till she falls back to sleep. (I still use a dummy btw) With the book I mention above they say you only need to use CC for the initiall going to sleep part, for night waking use what works for you in the beginning and only use CC if night wakings carry on for a few weeks
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            hi guys,

            I just want to share that, I am disappointed to read an article from a magazine that, the so called experts advised that it's impossible for babies under age of 12 months to sleep through the night.

            It is these misleading information has cause parents to not seek help with their babies waking up a few times at night because they were told by the media that it is OK.

            Parents have often blame babies' unsettledness on the so called Wonder Week. While I believe that babies could be affected by these wonder week, but if it continues for a while then parents should start doing something about it. It is these wonder weeks that babies have not learned to self settle and think that they can continue to wake at night and this could happen right through to toddlers years.

            My experience is parents hate to be told that their babies can sleep through because they think it's impossible. While I was trying to share my experience with these parents, my concern is not for them, but for their poor babies because they are not allowed a chance to get a good 12 hours uninterrupted sleep. Poor sleeping could have a negative impact on them in their future.

            I am glad to see that there's such thread here that I can express my view because I just couldn't stand to see that parents with babies of older age is not getting enough sleep.

            Having said that I haven't used Controlled Crying. The method I have used is Teaching to Self Settle method


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              First time poster and long time lurker!
              I am starting 'controlled comforting' with my 6 month old who has been unwell with a cold and started a habit of being fed to sleep. He also naps for 45 and has done so for many months, but I can see he needs more.
              I am reading conflicting information about exactly how to do 'controlled comforting' and wondering if someone could help the problems I forsee.
              My lo will start with screaming or protesting, which I am actually fine with... so we put him down/kiss/tell him his tired etc and then walk out. We wait 2 mins, then back are my questions:
              - I go in with the aim of reasuring, not calming? Do I touch or pat or look at him? how long do I stay in there?
              - If he becomes more worked up, is it against the "rules" to pick him up and then put him down?
              Following that, I go back out for 4 mins, then repeat, up to what incriment?
              Any specific advice on what worked for your babes would be much appreciated!


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                Going to try this again tonight. I did cc and it worked for a bit then when my son was sick I brought him into bed with me again. That was 4 months ago so I need to get him to sleep on his own again.


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                  It worked amazingly for my ds1. He was waking at least hourly during the night and was so hard to settle as didn't want to be cuddled, he just seemed to be frustrated as he was tired but didn't know how to go back to sleep.
                  We did it at 6 months and it took less than 2 weeks for him to sleep through the night and has done since. He's now 20 months and I can't remember the last time he woke during the night. It all depends on what the problem is but for us it solved the problem which was that he needed to learn to sleep on his own. And the longest he cried for was 20 mins with checks inbetween.