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  • I miss my personal space

    That's it. My daughter is THE most unsettled baby ever. She feeds every hour. Even at night. She grizzles every time I put her down. We co sleep and she lives on me all day long. Even hot showers are crap when you are living on the edge, wondering if she is gonna wake while you are in there. I'm going crazy ladies. I know its normal for babies to whinge but really.. It just never ends.

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    it IS really hard. How old is she?


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      5 months. 5 long months!! She did sleep really well for a few weeks but she seems to just be always grizzly and awake now

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        I don't know.. Maybe.. Gps are never much help though. Says she is gaining weight and seems healthy.. Some babies cry more than others and that's all. I don't think its silent reflux only because from what I have read they like to be upright and jiggled?

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          awww l know how you feel my DD was like that, she is 9 months old now and crawling so l finally get alittle bit of peace.... upon saying that l hope your baby doesnt take that long to give you a break! have you tried giving her a teaspoon or 2 of farex so that maybe she will go a little longer between feeds? it worked for me, she went 2 hours between feeds in the morning when l gave her a couple of teaspoons of farex! you dont need to give them to much to start with! but only do it if you are ready to do it! l am not trying to impose just saying what worked for me!!


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            Oh hun, I totally hear you!!! Just wanted to recommend you The Fussy Baby Book by William Sears omg it describes my DS perfectly. It really is a challenge with a demanding bub - yours sounds so like mine! Feeding every hour for the first 10 or so months, then every 2 hours until now at 1 year old he will go for long breaks but during the day (not at night - ahhh) lol and this is with 3 massive solid meals lol. Besides all the feeding i know what it's like to not be able to do ANYTHING without holding bub. I even had to learn how to go to the toilet one handed lol.

            Now, for some things that may help. An exersaucer (a stationary toy similar to a jumperoo but better IMO) was a great investment for us as it gave me about 20 minutes at a time of baby free time lol somewhere I could actually put him down without screaming. Also, when bub started crawling (only about a month ago for us) it made a HUGE difference. Now he doesn't want to be held much just on the floor and go go go lol so things do change, and rather quickly! Not saying that he doesn't need me though constantly, he does want me to play with him etc but he's actually happy to have some alone time exploring around which is a great & a huge change for us!

            Some babies are just more needy than others I suppose. It does get easier - hang in there, you're doing a great job!!! The more responsive you are now, the greater the benefits you will see later on. I promise!

            Side note - Solids didn't make any difference whatsoever with my sons constant waking and breastfeeding so I would still recommend sticking to the 6 month WHO recommended guideline of introducing solids, if you can.

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              can you try to put her to sleep slightly raised? like from above her waist up on a semi soft pillow - only when you're with her ofcourse. just to see if it does help?

              if she cant sleep for over an hour at all i'd be concerned.. my kids weren't keen on sleeping much either but we still had decent blocks of atleast a couple of hours here and there..


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                It's hard hey? Normal though and I will tell you now my kids are 3 and 4, it does go by so fast. I remember all the sleepless nights and rocking and constant breastfeeding and it dragged so much then but now seems like it flew past!

                Do you have a good carrier? I used mine so much at that age, only way I got much done really


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                  I feel for you so much. My DS hardly ever slept longer than 45 mins unless I was walking the pram, I was so tired. My DH ended up sleeping in with him until he was 3!! Turns out he had sleep apnoea due to enlarged adenoids and tonsils and once we got them out things improved.

                  DD by 7 months was a wake every hour for a BF, co-sleeping nightmare. I too was afraid to have a shower in case she woke, I lived my life creeping around. At 7mths old I couldn't cope any more and hired a sleep woman to come and help us. Best money I ever spent, she sleeps days and nights now (nearly 2) and we've not had a problem. DS still wakes in the night and he's 5.

                  Solids also didn't help and nor did switching to FF (I tried doing the last feed as formula and never worked). Dummies didn't work either as he'd just wake looking for them and we'd have to go in for that.

                  DD is still really clingy and it drives me to distraction.

                  At 5 months have you started any sort of daytime/bedtime routines? I never did with DS but I did with DD and I think that made it a little less horrendous than DS although by 7 months it had all gone pear shaped.


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                    I hear ya!!! DD is 4 months and LIVES on the boob, she was fine when she was younger but got an ear infection at 10 weeks and because she was feeding so often during sickness she got used to it. We've been co-sleeping, and she's been waking to suckle 4-5 times a night, for a minute or so and then falls back to sleep. When she wakes at night is she actually swallowing milk or just using you as a dummy???

                    For the past few days I've been doing this routine called the Elizabeth Pantley "No-Cry sleep solution" and I've noticed a definite improvement even in just the past 3 days! Last night she slept for 4 hours by herself in her cot, which has been unheard of for the past 4-5 weeks. There's enough free articles on the website to give it a shot without actually buying the book so it might be worth giving it a shot?? Good luck

                    Here's the site: