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How much does your 6-month old sleep?

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  • How much does your 6-month old sleep?

    My DD2 is a bit over six months and by no means am I complaining but I think she sleeps too much!! I know, I know, what a terrible problem to have.... !!

    Her 'normal' day goes something like this.... all times are -ish (ie. 3-ish)!!

    8.30 -9.30am Wake up
    9.30am Bottle & brekky, then a short play

    10.30am Sleep

    12.30pm Wake Up

    1.00pm Bottle & Lunch, then play

    2.30pm Sleep

    6.00pm Wake Up then bottle, dinner, bath, short play and bed at 8.30pm

    It just seems to me that she spends more time sleeping each day (she averages 18 hours) than being awake. I realise they still need a lot of sleep at this age but it feels like she is always sleeping!! Between sleeping and eating, I never get to play with her !! We are very laid back about times, I just go with her signals the only routine we have is at bedtime which is always 8.30pm - she usually is ready to go at about 8pm but I can usually trick her into staying up that extra half hour so I can get and extra half the next morning. I don't remember DD1 sleeping that much through the day at 6 months but don't know for certain, my mind could have failed me !!

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    Hi Schmell

    Personally I have the opposite of your 'problem' (!) but my MIL got extremely worried about my SIL when she was a baby. Apparently she would have to wake her for feeds and the minute she had finished she would nod back off again! She went to a paed in the end who told her that as long as bubs was putting on weight, not to worry. Kerry is now a very healthy and intelligent 30 something!

    Enjoy! Whats your secret!!



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      I have the opposite problem... My DS rarely sleeps at all during the day.. yesterday he had about 15-30 minute cat naps and that was it, although he slept well at night 8:45pm to 7am...

      I would say as long as your DD2 is putting on weight and is happy, then I wouldn't worry.. Be happy you have a baby that loves her sleep...


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        They say by around 6 months it should be two hours up and two hours down. Allowing for variations either way, your little one is perfectly normal, she just likes an extra long afternoon sleep! Lucky you, enjoy it and remember next week will probably be totally different!


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          Wow- what a great sleeper! I like the other ladies have a bub who believes sleeping is over rated

          I think as long as bub is putting on weight, happy and content that she is fine to sleep that much! Sleeping is when the brain is most active- growing and stuff!!!

          Make the most of the sleep now- cause when she is 18 and out all night you'll get no sleep!!