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Moving from cot to bed

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  • Moving from cot to bed

    We've just bought 19mo DS his single bed. How on Earth do I get him to use it? We've tried twice so far, starting with daytime naps. Both times he just gets straight out and starts playing around. He's definitely tired because he will go to sleep now problem as soon as we put him back in his cot.

    I just tried laying down with him and that didn't seem to work either.

    Any tips?

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    Is there a reason you are making the move? I know some people that did it early too and ended up going back to the cot.

    Could you lie down with him until he falls asleep?


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      Originally posted by Qwerty View Post
      Is there a reason you are making the move? I know some people that did it early too and ended up going back to the cot.

      Could you lie down with him until he falls asleep?
      We're due with bub #2 any day now so we'll need the cot in a few months. I figured we should try to start the transi to on now so we're not doing it when the cot is actually in use.

      I tried laying with him but he just kept getting up I think it's the novalty of a new bed..?


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        Just keep popping him back in! It's hard because he is excited- it's new and he can get out whenever he wants so he will! But you have to be consistent and not accept him getting out of bed at all until he has had a sleep.
        My dd is 18 months and I feel nowhere near ready to put her in her bed at all yet, so you are being very brave!


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          We didn't move our boy until he was about 25 months, but (knock on wood) - it's been 3-4 months now and he is yet to climb out of bed. Things that I think helped:
          - before making the transition, we used a GroClock. Blue star meant he had to stay in bed, yellow sun meant that he could call out for us to come and get him. Now he makes the same association - he doesn't call out for us to come and get him until the sun comes up on the clock
          - his room is REALLY dark - we have a black out blind up on the window. He can't really see anything in his room to entice him out of bed
          - until we were confident that he knew his bed was for sleeping in, there were no toys in his room. Even now, there is a drawer chest of toys in there, but the rule is that everything gets packed away before nap/bed so it doesn't lure him out.

          Good luck with it all (and also for the impending arrival of your new bub!) xx


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            I'm about to do same transition.

            DS is 22mo though but he sleeps fine at childcare on a small mattress on the floor.

            In France people tend to transition toddler into bed as soon as they know how to walk, get in/out of bed. My friends over there don't have much issue. They told me to stay calm and be consistent by taking him back to bed every time he gets up.

            Good luck.
            Have you picked a nice doona cover with him? One he loves? That can help make the move feel very special


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              I have moved all of mine early and been very lucky to have had no issues.

              With Hayden I moved him at 14 months. I would lie with him reading books until he fell asleep. After doing that for long enough the bed wasn't an issue.

              With Mikayla I moved her at about 16 months. She went into a room with Hayden, so that helped that she had her brother right there and could see how to do it. I tried to lie with her like I used to with Hayden, but it didn't work, she would just climb all over me. In the end I just put her in, kissed her goodnight, walked out and closed the door and she went to sleep.

              Ben has never slept in a cot, so I guess that made it easy, he slept on a queen size mattress in the spare bedroom (with me when needed or on his own when he was sleeping well) and then last week, at 21 months old, I moved Mikayla back into her room, and Ben into a room with Hayden in a normal single bed. Seamless transistion luckily. I put the boys to bed, kiss them goodnight and walk out, then don't hear a peep from them until morning. Very very lucky I know!! But don't hate me, I've had very very difficult sleepers (ie. NON SLEEPERS) as infants and young toddlers, I've just been lucky that once they finally learnt how to sleep, they all did it well
              DS1 – 10, DD1 – 9, DS2 – 7, DS3 - 4


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                Bribery!! Hang a treat on the door and if he goes to sleep without getting up, then he gets it when he wakes up. We used kinder eggs but my DS didn't know you could eat them, just loved unwrapping and seeing what toy was inside!!

                We would talk about it all the time from when he woke until it was time to go back to bed, reinforcing how great it would be for him to get a treat - although he was a little older than your DS so not sure how your DSs comprehension is.


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                  My tips. No toys accessible, and baby gate on the door. Have a phrase u use strictly for bed time we use "its time for naps" dd would climb out and come to the gate at her door and id say the same thing "its time for naps" and put her back in bed.

                  I didnt start at day naps tho, because its brighter and she didnt really get it.

                  Night time is easier to start i think.

                  Day naps got a bit messed up for a couple of weeks but there wasnt much fuss at bedtime

                  We also put her cot matress under her bed and pull it out next to her bed incase she fell (we didnt use a rail or guard or anything) and her bed is quite low to the ground anyways.

                  Took less than a week for her to get it.


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                    Thank you so much everyone I will try these as we go along.