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Very clingy little girl

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  • Very clingy little girl

    Please Help! I have a 4 1/2 month old who until last week was sleeping through the night from 6pm to about 5am. Life was bliss! She had her 4 monthly immunisation on Tuesday and since then has been quite hard to live with. She is very clingy through the day and extremely wingy. I thought that this was because of the needles so I gave her some panadol, but 5 days later she is still the same. During the day, she cries whenever I put her down, and needs my full attention all the time or else she winges. It is at night time that she is at her worst. She usually has a bottle at about 6pm and then I top her up with a BF. Then her dad will cuddle her for a little while and we both take her to bed a tuck her in for the night. BUT NOW.....she refuses the bottle, and wriggles at the breast (cos I don't have enough milk) then will not go to her Dad. If he holds her (or anyone else for that matter) she screams the house down until I take her. Then she is happy with me. Could she be experiencing the separation anxiety thingy early? Whe she does eventually get to sleep, after alot of crying, she then will wake up at 1am and again at 4am and then 5.30 - 6am. I feed her each time cos I don't know what else to do. Could it be teeth?

    I am really at a loss about what is going on. She is on two solid feeds per day at the moment.

    Has anyone experienced anything like this. Am I alone?


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    a couple of questions for you Bess

    Hi Bess,

    You are not alone. This does happen; did happen to us with our now 11 month old. Teething does put them off their food, and also makes them very irritable and sometimes clingy. You've done great with what you helped April with, but now it's 'how to get through the next phase'. My questions are:

    * is she chewing on things? salivating or dribbling? (Sophia did from 3 months + clingy and crying when others even looked at her), it was suggested that her gums would be itchy and irritated from the bones of her teeth moving (mostly move at night when baby is relaxed).

    * is she being wrapped when going to sleep?
    * Do you have a routine (i.e. feeds/play/sleep etc) or is that a bit wonky at the moment because of how she is behaving....

    In the meanwhile, I just wanted to let you know that everything you describe, even with Dad, was the same with Sophia. Unfortuantely my paedeatrician described it as 'unusual behaviour' ie. the crying and clingy (even with familiar)....but I only mention this to reassure you that Sophia is completely gregarious now - we (including the paed) reflect and think now that she was a very intense baby with extra special nurturing needs (that drove us nuts!!).

    Speak soon...


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      Honey ... it sounds like your little girl is so incredibly normal!

      I had to carry my daughter in a frontpack with me for a few weeks as she became really clingy at around 3 months and again at around 7 months. Just give lots of love and cuddles and she will figure out that you will be back.

      At her age, when you go from her sight, she has no concept that you will be back ... it just seems like you have been gone forever and she starts missing you immediately. Until she develops "object permanence", she will have this thought and may be incredibly clingy.

      My only advice is to ride it out ... it won't last forever ... just enjoy the extra cuddles and get your dh to do more of the housework/cooking etc until this phase is over. Talk to him and explain that this is just for a short time and if he wants a more peaceful house this may be necessary so that your daughter can have extra cuddles, comfort and security!


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        Thanks for your replies.

        She is chewing on everything she can. Even my nipple (Ouch! ) She likes to bite down on things and then pull them out of her mouth whilst her jaw is still clenched. She has always been a finger sucker though, so I can't tell if this is just an exaggeration of that or irritated gums. (Hope this makes sense) And yes she does drool alot too.

        Last night I wrapped her for the first time when I put her down for her "big" night sleep. I only did this because she just wouldn't settle and everytime I put her into her cot, she would kick all her blankets off. I ended up rocking her to sleep too. Usually I just put her into her bed and she puts herself to sleep. And, I don't mind rocking her to sleep occasionally, but I really don't want to make a habbit of it. It was so great to have her put herself to sleep.

        Yes, we do have a routine for her. It all seems to be going fine though. I suppose the only difference is that she is being carried around alot now instead of playing on her playmat.

        She slept really well last night, so I'm alot happier today . I am beginning to wonder if this is just another phase to get through. Its funny you know, just when you think everything is figured out, our little ones like to change - just to keep us on our toes.

        Would still love to hear similar stories,