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First nap both arms out for my 17-week-old.

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  • First nap both arms out for my 17-week-old.

    After reading a fair bit, I must agree that most young babies need some sort of settling help from parents. I also read that even if young babies can self settle without any aid, things change when they hit another milestone, eg rolling over, sitting, crawling, standing etc.

    Today I tried training my LO (almost 17 weeks) to nap in his woombie (a swaddle) with both arms out (since he shows signs of rolling over soon). Gosh I realised it was seriously easy to settle them to sleep or nap when babies are swaddled cos they are stationary! Now that both arms are out, they are everywhere. I reverted to patting and shooshing besides using a dummy and letting him hold a comforter. All this happened in his cot.

    How about you? Did you do like I did? Or do you have other ways of settling your bub esp when they start moving all over the place?

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    First nap both arms out for my 17-week-old.

    I feed dd2 (8mths) and cuddle/pat dd1 (2.5yrs) to sleep as both girls never stop moving long enough to actually fall asleep. The other way they sleep is restrained in car or pram or laying next to me in bed.

    Good luck


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      First nap both arms out for my 17-week-old.

      I had my son SO reliant on his ergoCocoon (I think it's similar to a Woombie), that he could just about be asleep by the time I zipped it up. Which was well and good until I went to our 4 month MCHN appointment and he nearly rolled on the scales and she told me I had to wean him to sleep arms out ASAP.

      That afternoon, I tried one arm out - it took almost 45 minutes of him flailing around with that arm, whacking the dummy out, hitting himself in the head before he fell asleep and woke half an hour later absolutely beside himself.

      For his next nap (I figured it couldn't get any worse than that first nap!), I put him in a sleeping bag, both arms out - he was lying there talking to himself for a while - when I went back in 10 minuts, he'd fallen asleep and stayed asleep for 2 hours.

      So we went straight from no arms out to both out, and it worked for us. Although, it only lasted a week or so, and then we slammed into a 4 month sleep regression...but that's another story


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        My story has taken another turn hahaha...

        Bub is back in a Love to dream swaddle arms in but up as I decided to quit his dummy last week. Wanted to soften the blow so decided that he should be swaddled while the dummy went away. It went well. So for now he is back in his swaddle. He hasnt rolled yet (though he did a tummy to back twice yesterday) but I guess pretty soon.

        Still very much stationary but wriggling upwards if he is upset during settling to sleep. Still using patting and ssshhing but slowly reducing the amount. He is getting better at putting himself to sleep now. Depending on him, sometimes crying more sometimes less but I am always by his cot making sure he knows I am with him. So far having success most times falling asleep in 5 mins or less. Bad moments had him crying 20 minutes (twice) intermittently with me talking and stroking him till he relented and slept.