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Sleeping and settling of a night time HELP

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  • Sleeping and settling of a night time HELP

    I have a 4 month old daughter and I have got her into some what of a schedule, where she was easy to settle and sleep during the night.

    Now she seems to have changed her sleeping patterns and her settling pattern also we have tried everything from rocking her to sleep, walking with her, pushing her in the pram, taking a drive, using the capsule rocking and and forth, trying to settle her in her bed play nursery rhymes, turn the mobile on, give her a bath, wrapping her the list goes on and on we have tried everything.

    In her routine I have got her to have a bath and she gets her last feed its time for bed. But sometime unless she is so exchausted from just constant crying she will pass out during a feed which I then wake her up for her to finish the bottle or she is fully awake and will not go down.

    Now if she does go down she wakes up 2 - 3 times a night it just depends and nothing will get her back off to sleep.

    Help please

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    At 4 months their sleep cycles change and they fully awake after every sleep cycle.

    So this is why they say you should put your baby to sleep where they are going to wake up and they need to learn to self settle so when they do fully awake, they can out themselves back to sleep without needing a feed, pat, rocking, etc o out them back to sleep if this is how they went to sleep in the first place.

    There are many ways to teach a baby how to self settle, there are nicely sleep solutions, which have the least crying, then there's Tizzie Halls style of teaching a baby to self settle, which has some crying but it's not as bad as controlled crying. Then at the other end of the scale there is controlled crying and cry it out.

    Each method does work, it just depends on your parenting style and how long you want it to take.

    Essentially you have to stop aiding your bub to sleep or the night wakings will continue.


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      Sleeping and settling of a night time HELP

      Thank for reply.

      I just don't know where to begin to help her self soothe as she just gets to another dimension so quickly she can be fine one second then bright red and can't breathe the next.

      I just don't know how to go about it.
      I help her go to sleep as she can not do it herself which is frustrating.

      But I need my sleep otherwise im just going to end up like a zombie.

      I need some serious help and advice


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        Have you tried a dummy?

        Some people don't like them but I swear by it for DS. It has helped us enormously with getting sleep ourselves. We use it usually to put him down although sometimes not and i use it during the night after a little bottle I slip the dummy in. It also helped extend his sleeping. Some babies need a sucking reflex to help comfort them.


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          Lots of babies also experience 'sleep regression' at around 4 months. My DS definitely did. They sleep really well until then, this coincides with the time they are becoming more aware of their surroundings and being in the world.

          If she is falling asleep when you're giving her the bottle I wouldn't be waking her up to finish it. At this young age too I would perhaps hold the bottle while she is in her cot, that way she can drift off without having to be moved.


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            Sleeping and settling of a night time HELP

            Hi yes I use a dummy only for when she goes to sleep like you said after a bottle and its time for bed. That's the only time I use the dummy.

            I have heard about this sleep regression but I don't know too much about it. So they just don't sleep at all or during the night?