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only sleeping for 45mins at a time in the day!

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  • only sleeping for 45mins at a time in the day!

    DS2 is 10 weeks old and will only sleep for a maximum of 45mins at a time during the day. He obviously looks tired when I put him down for his sleep and is grumpy when he wakes up but won't resettle on his own. Even with me holding or rocking him when he wakes up it will take ages for him to nod off again and then he wakes up as soon as I try to put him down.

    Does anyone know if this is just a phase that he will outgrow? If so, when can I expect him to sleep longer?

    If not, what can I do to try and encourage him to resettle without me needing to hold him? He just seems to love cuddles.

    At night he goes back to sleep after feeds every 4hrs or so just fine so this is just a daytime issue.

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    4 month DD still does this! Apparently they sleep longer when their naps decrease


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      This is pretty normal, but unfortunately my son didn't grow out of it, I had to put in some hard work to teach him to re-settle after that first 45 minutes, but we got there in the end. However I didn't start doing this until he was 7-8 months old, anything under 6 months they're just so little.

      Good luck! If anything, you will get really good at doing things in 45 minute bursts, so the day he does sleep longer, you'll be twiddling your thumbs wondering what to do!


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        Same issue here with my 4 month old DS. 45 mins on the dot and he becomes inconsolable if I try to re-settle him...

        I've only recently started putting him down for sleeps upstairs in his bassinet rather than the pram bassinet downstairs and it has helped a bit. Occasionally I get an hour.

        If it doesn't improve soon I'm going to look into day sleep school. His night sleeping is fine.

        Hope things improve for us all!


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          My DS barely sleeps at all during the day - he is 8 weeks old. The only time he sleeps is when we go out for his daily walk in the pram and when i have him strapped to me in the baby carrier. He does sleep really well during the night though so i have just come to accept that that's how he is. He likes to stay awake all day and pretty much sleep all night. The carrier is a godsend - without it i would get nothing done around the house!


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            My DS screams if you try to put him in the Ergo


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              Hrmm, what's wrong with 45min naps??? LOL i would have killed for 45mins!! DD was not a day sleeper untill at least 6mths old and even then i had to work hard at teaching her to sleep!
              All i can say is if he wants to be cuddled, then cuddle away. It's doing no harm at 10 weeks old. They are not that little forever. At 10 weeks old he still needs to know you are always going to be there for him.
              Try and enjoy him for now and try not to get caught up in sleep issues just yet as he's still tiny Go with his cues, if it feels right to you, then it probably is.


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                Sorry to say this is normal. They will catnap until they learn to self settle to sleep, but at 10 weeks old, I think this is too young to start teaching this. At 4 months old, you can start teaching him to self settle by setting up a regular nap routine (nappy, sleep sack, songs, book, into cot awake for example) then sit with bub either patting him and shusssshing him, then slowly progress to just sitting with your hand on his belly, then just sitting there, then eventually leaving the room so he learns to do it himself. If you do this slowly and wean him off your assistance he should be able to self settle without you there and without crying, so you won't ever have to feel like you are abandoning him to cry to sleep (though he is likely to still cry when you are there, but he will at least know you are there and sliwly giving him the confidence to learn to fall asleep on his own.

                DD started catnapping at 4 months and I persisted with the above until 4 weeks ago (she's now 7 months 2 weeks old) where she finally started self settling and therefore sleeping longer and past the dreaded 40 minutes!


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                  45 minutes is the normal cycle of sleep for babies. Google 45 minute sleep cycle, you'll pick up some tips.
                  I managed to eventually get my son to go 1.5hiuts by going in right as he started to stir (43 minutes) and pat him back to sleep... He eventually learnt to settle at back to sleep rather than waking up at the end of his 45 min cycle.